Considering A dove or Pigeon for show.


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Louisville Kentucky
I work with large fowl and show anything from chickens to turkeys never dealt with pigeons but I was thinking of maybe this summer buying a pigeon or maybe a dove to work with for show, just for fun. If I don't get into showing then I'll keep the bird and that will be that if I do enjoy the show then I'd like to get more into the birds. But it comes down to I know nothing about pigeons. so if any ones got anything to say. Any show pigeon information or any breed suggestion or reasons why or why not I should get a pigeon or 2.
Well your in the right place. Your city is host to the NPA Young bird show for the US..

Myself i enjoy showing them for years.....some breeds lot more work.

English fantails need tails laced.....heavy muff birds. Hard to keep muff in good feather. Some you need foster parents.
Thousands of pigeons.
All hatch that year....biggest show in the State for all breeds young birds. Great show. Lot of good birds in the sale section.
The National Young Bird Show Held Late October . It Is The Local Club The Louisville Pigeon Club That Puts It On. Not The N.p.a. They Have A Website So You Can See And Meet Local Breeders.
Hey Deerman,

Do you have any pics of your English Fantails? I haven't seen them before...although I can look them up, but I have heard some folks interchange English and American as well as Standard. But I didn't think they have muffs. I have never dealt with them, but I did raise American and Indian I have been working with Mindian fantails, which is a smaller version of the Indian.
I was just wondering as there are still a few breeds out there that I dont' have experience with. LOL

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I raised Komorner Tumblers for quite a while. They are a fairly uncommon breed, but are very calm and easy going. That's what I fell into.

I have always meant to go to Louisville, but it's a long flight!

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