Considering nipple waterers


12 Years
May 6, 2011
I've always uses the standard chicken waterers. I'm considering switching over to the nipple waterers (bucket versions). Do you really not change water and clean buckets daily?? It seems odd as won't the water grow gunk?
Depeding on the type of bucket you use and what you do with it, it shouldn't grow gunk in it. You can put a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar in it and that will keep it clean. I've heard of people putting a copper penny in the bottom which keeps it clean. You can also add vitamins to the water if you want.

I only need to put water in mine about once a week. If I see any film or anything like that in there, I just clean the bucket out and press on. Either way, it is a million times better than when they used to poop in their water or drop dirt and feed in their water.
I've been using a white bucket for two years now with no issues of things growing in the bucket. I can and do go about 2weeks between fill ups. If you use a bucket that is more clear and it's in direct sun you may have issues with Algae growing in it but that should be it.

I rinse out the bucket every time I change it out.
I have recently added nipple waterers that are fed by a rain barrel that is filled from a gutter on the metal roof that covers by run. It's only been two weeks and no problems so far. I was worried about the chicks figuring out the nipples, but they figured it out pretty quick.
Been using a bucket nipple waterer for almost a month now. No issues with algae or any type of slime in the water. I've only topped the bucket off once. I checked it yesterday and it's still got 3-5 days of water left in it. So I'd say I'll have to fill it twice a month at this rate.
The trick to keep the water clean is to use a bucket that won't let it light. Light will cause algae growth. Use a non transparent bucket and place it someplace that doesn't get direct sunlight all day long. Mine gets some sunlight on it but the trees around the run shade it pretty well.

As you can see I'm using a blue lowes bucket. Doesn't seem to let in much light plus with being placed in a shady area equals clean water!
Nipple waterers are the best thing ever. I am using a brightap waterer on a 2 gallon insulated water cooler.

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