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    Aug 12, 2009
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    Congrats on the pup Ivy! Have you started thinking of names yet?

    Here's a question for you folks in the Wichita area. Although we are doing a lot of the moving ourselves, we plan to get movers to do the big stuff on the actual moving day. I went to look at the white pages and realized: they are all just names. How can I possibly separate those that will do a good job from those that won't, just by looking at their names? So I'm hoping someone on here can give me either a recommendation, or tell me if they had a bad experience with a particular company so I'll know to avoid them. (You can PM me if you don't feel comfortable giving out a name publicly).
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    I've thought of several names, but probably won't actually choose a name until I get the pup. That's when a name will really stick or I will know what fits her.
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    Hang in there! I remember when DW and I were in grad school at the same time. I think I got to see her a few hours everyday. The light at the end of the grad school tunnel is not a train, just life!
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Cute dog, Ivy! Can't wait to see your pup pics :)

    DH and I finally got the pen done yesterday!!! All the chicks (42 of them) are out in the pen. We still have the little Yoko/Phoenix chicks, SLWs, and my little, tiny OE banty in the garage, but hey, 42 of 48 ain't bad, lol.

    Chick #2 in the hatcher died yesterday, darn it [​IMG] #3 is having a hard time hatching, I doubt it will make it either. Then I think the other 9 are goners. I'm smelling funky eggs [​IMG]
    Once #3 has it's fate determined, I will get the 'bator cleaned out and ready for a new batch. I think I figured out my problem and think I have it fixed now.

    The carriers I'll be making are similar to the ones you were talking about. They basically look like a mail box, but the arched top/sides will be hardware cloth. There is another one I want to make that is squarish/rectangular. It has a wood top and bottom but everything else is hardware cloth. I have a few other designs in mind, but I think I'll just focus on these for the moment.
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    May 20, 2010
    Sorry for not posting again late yesterday. It was a very busy day.
    Sunshine girl, for the price you'd pay for a few babies through one of those special places you could buy and have shipped 25 straight run chicks. If I were you and wanted the silkies I would go ahead an order 25 and then sell the rest on the Kansas Poultry Swap or craigslist. It would be just as cheap to start out with and you could always sell back what you didn't want. That place Hawkeye suggested is back ordered until August. If you ended up with some boys then you could probably sell them fairly easily later on. Maybe not a high price but you could still sell them. And if you had 25 you could pick out your favorites.
    LizzyGSR your duck house is looking great. Can I make a couple of suggestions for you? Put a small lip on the front like a 1X2 to keep bedding in. Also build a little ramp for them to walk up on. All you need to do is attach a board at the front at an angle so that it leans down to the ground. I always use straw for my ducks. They like it the best and if they are girls, will nest in it. If you want them to use it put their food and water near by or close them in it a night or two. Most likely they will only use it for shade and on extremely cold winter days other than for laying or sleeping. Another way to attract them to it is to hang a light nearby or if possible put it under a yard light. They will eat bugs all night long. I have my ducks penned right now because I am producing purebred chicks but they normally free range and sleep right under the yard light. If the weather is nice most ducks would rather sleep under the stars. I don't have any fliers. If you have a safe place where predators won't get them you could also clip one wing to keep them grounded.
  6. chicken danz

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    May 20, 2010
    Ok back to the rest. Ivy you are going to have an adorable dog if yours looks like that. I keep saying one of these days I won't have any house pets but that's probably not going to happen.
    Yesterday was a quite the day. I drove to The coop and got my 1200 pounds of feed. Then I cut back and went to Burlington. I had some prescriptions to pick up that had been there about a week waiting on me. Then I drove to my Dad's house. ( I am having problems deciding what to call it because I always called it Mom's house.) I went in and talked to my Dad. He was digging through drawers again. It seems to be his favorite past time lately. I went out and spent 2 hours pulling weeds from my Mom's flower beds. They have been looking so beautiful, I was really surprised how much undergrowth there was. My sister gave her some echinacea and I pulled tons of it out because I was afraid it would take over her prettier flowers. I will just keep my mouth shut so I don't hurt any feelings.
    I came home and shoveled off that feed into barrels. It actually went pretty fast because I already had my back and arms stimulated from pulling weeds. Then I fed the birds. I came in to start dinner and my sister called so I went back out and pulled weeds in my own flower garden while she talked. I still have gobs more to do but at least I finally made a dent. I don't think I got that much done all year last year.
    Then I emptied the hatcher again. Not many chicks yesterday but there were 6 more ducklings.Went in and made a huge batch of lasagne for dinner. I'll try to get some into town for my Dad to eat. He loves the stuff.
    Needless to say today I feel like I've been beat up. I took meds and moved the heat pad around from my back to my arms to my knees all night. Then I overslept because I had been awake so much.
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    May 4, 2010
    Lyman, ME
    Howdy all,

    IVY- YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THAT PUPPY!! I was a groomer for years and havanese are fabulous, fun, spunky little dogs. Tons of personality and sooooo sweet and lovable.

    Tweety- I am a first year audiology student in the clinical doctorate program at kumc and am having a mid life crisis. I have decided it is not for me but have to finish out the semester and figure out what on earth I am going to do next!! Are you in school in Lawrence? What are you studying?

    Pikeman- Thanks for the advice, I think the light might be a train though!! [​IMG]

    Danz- Hope you are hanging in there. Need to get in touch with you about NPIP for my birds but figured you would want to push it back. I will pm you the end of this week to see when you are available.

    [​IMG][​IMG] On an upnote, I have four colored sebbie goslings coming this week!!!! And my crazy curly sebbie goose has finally decided to sit on a nest and she has laid another egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
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    Jul 25, 2011
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    IVY, that pup you're getting is adorable I'll bet. The Havenese are related to the Maltese. We have a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix & she is just a lover, she loves everyone. She wrapped my DH around her little paw right in the beginning & for a man who said he didn't like dogs he sure is smitten with her, she's his baby. She would sit on your lap all day if you would let her. My DH has a niece that has a Havanese, but hers is all white. I'm sure you're going to love her.

    Danz, wow sounds like you have been busy, don't overdo it, if you're like me if I get a day I have some extra energy & I'm not hurting too bad I tend to do that then I pay for it the next day.

    Well I took both of the little chicks that were in the hatcher back out to the brooder this morning. The one that had the leg problem is running all over the place & is doing really well. It's now eating & acting like all of the other chicks. It has some catching up to do, but I feel like it's on the mend now. It just shows that you shouldn't give up on them even if you think they're not going to make it. I don't think you could tell this one has had such a struggle looking at it now. I have to get my hatcher cleaned up now & ready for the next eggs to go in I think Thurs. & that will include my Royal Palm turkey eggs that I got shipped to me. I can't wait to see how that turns out. HeChicken, I haven't candled those turkey eggs from that guy we got eggs from lately. My plastic egg trays are supposed to be here today, so I will be moving a bunch of eggs to those, so maybe I'll do it then. I just have a feeling they're not going to turn out as well as the ones I had shipped in.

    Sapphire, I'm sorry to hear about your chicks, sometimes they just don't make it for one reason or the other. It was sad for me when I lost those 3 that were fully formed chicks that died in the shell recently. You hate to lose any, but it happens.

    My knee is sure giving me fits, I didn't have a good night again last night. I guess if it doesn't let up soon I'm going to have to make an appt. to see the Orthopedic Dr. again. I know he's probably going to want to do those knee injections again & they're so expensive. They did help, but unfortunately they only last 6 months & then have to be done again. I'm already past 6 months now. Our insurance changed at the first of the year, so now we have a lot more out of pocket expenses just like a lot of people these days. They're going to keep it up until none of us will be able to afford health care.
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    Trish, glad to hear the chick is doing better.

    Josie, I don't miss school much. I used to think I might, but I guess I never missed it enough to go back to grad school. So I have a largely useless degree because there isn't much you can do with a BA in psychology.

    Hawkeye, I hope you have at least another chick hatch soon. One lonely chick is not only a sad sight, but it's often NOISY!

    Ivy, your new dog will be a cutie; I can't wait for pictures. I can't imagine myself ever without a dog. I used to say at least two dogs, but I've changed my mind on that since mine now don't get along and it's a pain to keep them separated. It's also a good idea to wait on a name. Our Weim had a name given to her by the SPCA but we didn't like it. We got another name in mind, but when we got her, it didn't suit her at all. We ended up with Gypsy, which we had never even talked about as a possibility but which suited her and her story perfectly.

    HEChicken, that sucks about the roo(s); been there! Maybe Boy-Mildred if you can't stop yourself from saying Mildred? Like my former roo, Boy-Dorothy. [​IMG]
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    Mar 25, 2012
    Thanks so much for the Facebook group info and the welcome :)

    I hate to part with these guys, but my neighbors are not going to be happy when they start crowing! I also have a bantam, Belgian D'uccle room that I will keep inside as long as I can.... He is my favorite. I am a total newbie to all of this, but I really am enjoying learning! I have some sweet chicks who have proven to be quite good stress relief for me. I just love watching them. All of my chicks are between 11 weeks and 4 weeks, some are in the coop and some still inside in a crate with a lamp. I have 3 Silkies at various ages, since my kids HAD to have them and am praying that they all turn out to be pullets. So for none have any comb at all that is noticeable and 2 of them are almost 3 months old.

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