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    May 4, 2010
    Lyman, ME
    Medawinks- You probably won't notice much comb on your silkies because they typically have a dark mulberry walnut comb that doesn't really seem to grow until they are close to maturity. Seems like silkies really bloom at around 9 months to a year. And it can be hard to sex them until they crow or lay an egg! I look for topknot shape and attitude. My boys seem to get really forward and pushy early on and a boys crest or topknot looks more like a swept back shape with streamers that come out over the neck a bit where my girls get a muffin hat shape to their topknot. Even that doesn't always work. Sounds like you are having a great time with your babies!!!
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    Mar 24, 2012
    Quote from Danz: I'm planning on trying to get them to use a step. However, my ducks haven't really figured out how to use the step to get into the pool yet (they can get out using a step, but not in). So, I'm not sure if that'll work. I may end up having to make a ramp anyway. I plan to put a stall mat in the duck house and cover that with straw. I also plan to lock them up in the duck house at night, every night. Once their permanent pen is complete, we can let them run in that at night, but I only plan on doing that when someone else is taking care of them so that their caretaker doesn't have to come over twice a day. I'm really just concerned about predators - our dog included.
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    According to KSU studies, the biggest predator to poultry is domestic dogs. I agree, and don't ask how I know! However, I still love dogs.

    Josie-I'm probably going to wish I had some of your canine grooming expertise! I guess there's always something new to learn!

    Danz-Wow! You really put in the elbow grease yesterday. I hope you are not still paying for that for too long today. I tend to do the same thing, in fact I think I over did it at PT yesterday. I tend to push myself, and man! I sure payed for it last night.

    A short rest with my feet up and then I'm going to see what all I can get done today. Hopefully I will get a lot done without overdoing it too much.
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    May 20, 2010
    Yep I'm pretty uncomfortable today. The doc suggested last week that I start getting injections in my knees and right now I wish that I had. I hate to start that because to me I know when the injections quit working it means another surgery. So I figure I will pretend the inevitable isn't going to happen.
    I am pretty excited. I ordered 15 midget whites for myself and Marty1876 today. They are supposed to hatch the 22nd. That is fairly close to when the ones I have in the bator are due to hatch. Wish me luck because turkeys can be pretty hard to hatch. But if I had a decent hatch I should be pretty set for midget whites. This is my new game plan to fill my freezer and maybe sell a few boys for Thanksgiving and such.
    I put my first group of guinea eggs in the hatcher while ago. I can't candle their eggs because they are so thick. Sure hope I get a good hatch. I have lots of people waiting for them.
    Here's one other announcement I would like to make. I got approval to buy chicks at a wholesale rate. It's just a tiny bit less than normal price but the price includes shipping. If any of you are interested in a certain breed of chick and could come here to get them I can order what you want. I have to order in groups of 5 per breed but can mix breeds for an order. I have to meet a certain number to place an order but if several of you wanted something this is a way to get it. I'll try to cut and copy and list what is available.
    I can only order if I resale the chicks so to make this legal I would have to charge sales tax.
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    Danz-I hatched quite a few turkeys back when I lived at Solomon. I didn't have so much trouble hatching, but it seems like I did loose some now and then in the first week. Once they got to be about a week old they were pretty hardy birds and I sold quite a few. I have some in my incubator now and a few will be going into the hatcher in a few days. I haven't candled them yet. I hope I have good luck with them.

    I've decided to sell the blue slate pair that I have. I don't have a way to separate them from my RP's, and I want to raise purebreeds. I like the RP's the best so I guess the blue slates will have to go. The blues are bigger than the RP's, so if someone wants to raise some, this would be a good way to start. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.

    I had my first guineas hatch this morning. I only had a few eggs, and there may be more hatched in there now. I will check them later. I haven't been able to hatch many guineas. All my guineas free range and the hardest part has been finding their eggs!

    I LOVE watching my guineas. They eat so many bugs. They hardly eat any other food all summer long. I don't even mind all the racket they make..... except when they get in the barn and get the squad warmed up. My DH hates all the racket they make in there. When I told him that two had hatched this morning his comment was, "Well..... THAT'S what we need!"[​IMG]
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    Danz, I know exactly what you mean about the knee injections. I already had one round in each knee & I know if I go back they're going to want to do another round. I know also that eventually I am looking at two total knees. My arthritis is the worst in my knees. I know I need to lose some excess weight too & that might help a little, but I don't know how much. When the cushion is gone in your knees it's gone. My right one had been clicking lately & then my left one started up with the swelling & just a constant pain in it the last few days. I can't get comfortable any way to sleep. I'm a side sleeper & even though I keep a pillow between my knees it still hurts for anything to touch the inside of my left knee. I try sleeping with that knee on top & it still puts pressure where it hurts, then I roll over & try to sleep another way. I ended up last night with it propped up on a pillow, but I can't lay full on my back for too long, I have a crooked bad back too, what a mess I am.

    I'm trying to sell some more things to get money for the clear door for my incubator. I have one person coming soon & the other one called & said she couldn't come until tomorrow. I sure hope she shows up then. I need to come up with something else to put on the swap site to cover the shipping if I can. I've been trying to get rid of some things anyway. My DH says I have too much stuff & I have been paring it down for the last 2 years, but he is still complaining. I move things to the garage to sell them & then he complains the garage is too full. Today I told him I'm trying to get rid of things by bringing them out there. I don't like everyone coming into my house when I sell things, so I take them out there. I figure that way they only see my garage. Well I guess this woman is sending her hubby to get something so I'd better go watch for him.
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    Whew, ya'll have been chatty! I have been gone most of the day, just got back a while ago. I looked in my incubator and saw that a chick has fully pipped and there is a pretty big hole with his beak sticking out! But it's been like that for a good couple of hours now. I guess it was ready for a nap. The other egg that is due at the same time-- there is nothing going on with it. But it's early, yet.

    Danz, wow sounds like you worked HARD. All of that weeding at your parents house and your own. The lasagne sounds good. I make it pretty regularly around here, but I do it the easy way-- after I cook up all the beef and mix the cheese stuff with cottage cheese, I lay down the noodles dry! I just add 3/4 cup of water, cover and it bakes up perfect.

    Ivy, that dog is cute, cute!! I don't think I'd be happy with out a little indoor dog either. I like them really little though (like that) so that they are easy to care for. Congrats on the hatched guineas! We used to have them, but they would sit on our cars and scratch them up pretty bad. My dad finally shot them all in a fit of rage when they messed up his restored Model A when he pulled it out of the garage. [​IMG]

    Sapphire-- so sorry about all your chicks that died! What was the problem with your incubator?

    Trish, no fun with your hurting knees. That sounds pretty darned painful at night. Maybe it's time to go get those shots.

    Medawinks, no real good way to determine gender for your silkies, although you can usually tell before they crow. They'll start getting in streamers around 5 or 6 months and that's about the time their comb really comes in, sometimes before that.

    Wellllll.... guess I get to hopefully see a chick hatch here tonight! It's resting right now with it's beak out. I hope it wakes up and starts to work its way out soon! I'll take a pic when it does.
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    Feb 28, 2012
    What is this? Anyone know? She's a bantam Cochin, that's all I know. Not sure this is really a Silver-laced. Aaaaand, the pen is DONE!!!!
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    Congrats on getting the pen done!! YAY!!! Yeah, your cochin does not look "laced" but more mottled. Hopefully someone else will know!
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    Dec 12, 2011
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    Hey guys, some quick little questions, please. I got some hatching eggs today and they are "resting". How long should they "rest"? Is "rest" really necessary? Also, can you tell by candling right away if they got scrambled in the mail? Or do you always have to wait to know? I candled mine as I put them in the tray and they look like eggs to me, other than that I have no clue.


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