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  1. Ivywoods

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    Thanks everyone for the help with the info about the cat urine. I "think" I have it cleaned up. It certainly smells a lot better in here. I never could really see it, but I just wiped everything down, and then went over it with some stuff called no-odor (another thing we got at Orscheln's today that we didn't go to get when we didn't get what we really went to get.) I'll have to check into getting a black light. I don't have anything like that. I assume I can pick something like that up at Wal-Mart.

    Hens do not crow.[​IMG]

    I knew a guy that REALLY believed it was the roosters that laid those soft eggs with no outer shell.[​IMG]

    People come up with some strange stuff.

    Hawkeye-I agree with HEchicken. If your chick came out without the membrane sticking to it I don't think it was a low humidity problem. Too much humidity? I doubt that, too, especially if your hygrometer was reading what you wanted and the humidity was staying fairly constant.

    Tweety-Nice pics! I think I'll take some pics of my flowers tomorrow or sometime. I have peonies, iris, clematis, roses and some others blooming. I wish I could just work out in the yard all the time.

    Well, I am so excited and eager for my puppy I can hardly wait. I have NEVER named an animal before I got it, but this one MIGHT be the exception. Today when I was getting ready for PT I was thinking about the puppy and how I couldn't wait to pet it, play with it, etc. I got to thinking about my daughter. She died at the age of 17. She used to love to sit and pet her cat. She said it felt like a satin ribbon, so she named it "Ribbon" or Ribby. She loved to sit and pet her boston terrier, Houston. He was a perfect dog for her.

    Her name was Katherine Elizabeth. I don't think I want to call the dog Katie like we called my daughter, but I think Lizzy would be a good name for a dog in memory and honor of my daughter.
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Winfield, KS
    IVY, that would be a great name for your puppy & what a great idea to honor your daughter too. That will be the longest 3 weeks won't it waiting to get that puppy. I remember having to wait a couple of weeks when I got our little Mal-Shi & it was hard. She was the cutest little ball of fur you have ever seen when I got her. She was the runt of the litter & just adorable. She is the one that I got for my hubby & he was mad at first that I had gotten another puppy, but it didn't take him long to get totally smitten with the little thing. She is his baby now & she barks her head off every night when she hears him driving into the garage until he gets into the house & then he can't hardly even put his lunch box down for her wanting him to pick her up. We have two very spoiled little house dogs here, the other one is a 5 pound Yorkie. She makes us crack up every day when my DH gets ready to leave for work. He leans over my chair to kiss me goodbye & Satin is pulling on his pants leg the whole time. She thinks she is protecting me, she's my dog, it's just hilarious.
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    May 4, 2010
    Lyman, ME
    Ohhh, I LOVE the name Lizzy!! That is adorable and unique!!

    Hawkeye- I have lost a LOT of vaulted silkie chicks in the shell that made it to hatch day, pipped the air cell and never made it any further. Appeared to be perfectly formed sad. I don't know what the deal is. I have had better luck hatching from my own silkies than shipped eggs too, don't know if that makes a difference. Cochins on the other hand jump out of their shells like popcorn for me, even shipped...
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    Tweety, just saw your pics -- those are great! I need one of those cameras!

    Today, after the kids were all home from school we took our 3 duckies down to the pond for a swim. It was quite a scene! Remember the smallest one, Danz? Well, it's not small anymore! She took a few steps in, started dabbling along the edge and then just flopped down. There was nothing graceful about it. Looked like legs just dropped out from underneath her. They were all pretty cautious at first but it wasn't long until they were diving under and really swimming. The kids were just thrilled watching them and so was I. They seemed absolutely filled with joy at being in the water. They played in the water for about 40 minutes and then we rounded them up and took them back in. They're not too hard to round up cause they think I'm their mama. They don't love to be held but will tolerate it. I like to feed them out of my hand -- the way they nibble is just too cute!

    Wish I'd taken a vid or pic or SOMETHING! But nooooo, not lack-of-planning-skills me. Oh well, there will be other opportunities.
  5. BamaProud

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    Oct 12, 2011
    Ivy,this product works for the cats

    On the AC,look at the lines to see if they are frozen up.Sometimes your AC will get clogged and need to be cleaned out because of the dirt,leaves,etc and that will cause your lines to freeze.That in turn will not allow the AC to cool properly.IF that is your problem,cut the AC off Hose out the AC to remove dirt,dust and whatever else might be there .Just make sure that you don't use too much force to bend the fins.Let me know If I can help.
  6. JosieChick

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    May 4, 2010
    Lyman, ME

    Does anyone know where I could get oxine in the gallon locally so I wouldn't have to pay shipping?

  7. Ivywoods

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    Well, I think I got the cat smell taken care of. It's a LOT better in here. Thanks.

    The problem with our AC is a minute leak in one of the connections, and over the period of a year enough freon leaks out that it won't work. It's a cheap AC, and everyone has said there is no way to fix it. It will have to be replaced. So in the meantime they come out once a year and add a little bit of freon. It has never taken much. It's just a p.i.t.a. that it's not working now. We probably should have dealt with it sooner, but it had been working "somewhat." Just today it was to the point it really wasn't cooling at all.
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    Feb 28, 2012
    RVRoman, here is a pic of my White Bantam Cochin pullet [​IMG]She's the same age as yours. I think you might have a roo :/ If you find out for sure, and decide you can't keep him either, I would be able to give him a home along with Leroy.
    IDK what they are thinking, saying Leroy might be a pullet, lol. But I left a comment on his pic on the swap page.

    Hawkeye, so sorry about the chick :( I lost all of mine. Something had been wrong with the humidity AND temp :'(
    I'll be reloading the incubator this weekend. Dang it, I'm GONNA hatch some chicks...that survive!

    I spent most of the day running around town, waiting for my son's Rx to be filled (he got into the virginia creeper and got a poison ivy-like rash EVERYWHERE), only to return and have them tell me they didn't have any in stock! THAT"S A GOOD TIME TO USE THE PHONE AND CALL ME! So that was an hour and a half wasted...grrr. ANYWAY, finally got it transferred to Walgreen's and got a partial fill, because THEY didn't have all they needed to fill the Rx...what the??? Now I have to go back tomorrow and get the rest. Whatever, at least I could start giving him the meds so he can start to feel better.

    Then, my sis and niece came over. The kids all played and my sis sat in the new pen with me, feeding treats and petting the birds. I got her addicted, lol. Now she's trying to get the okay from her hubby to get a few chickens from me. I really love spending time with my birds. I find it very relaxing.

    I think my ducks have finally revealed their genders. The largest one, I believe is a male. He's starting to get the drake curl on his tail and that leaves the 2 smaller ones being females. I couldn't be happier :) Can't wait until they start laying *insert dreaming of ducklings here*

    Starting to get some carriers built. Hopefully I'll have some done to sell at the swap at TSC in McPherson on the 13th.
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    Trish, we have two little indoor dogs for the same reason-- one is my DH's dog. Except that it was HIS idea to get it. My dog is my little 5 lb Pom, and she is tiny. My DH told me to keep an eye out for a shih tzu and for months I looked for one on CraigsList and the humane societies. Mostly when I got there, they were gone when I did see them. I lucked out on ours-- I happened to be at the KS humane society when I was looking at another dog. I asked at the front desk if they had any shih tzu's that weren't listed and they said they had just gotten one in and it was an owner release and if I could wait a bit, they'd get her paper work ready so I could look at her. So I waited and she ended up being exactly what we wanted. She's on the larger side-- right about 12 lbs!! That is so sweet that your DH and his dog love each other like that. :)

    Josie, I've looked for Oxine locally and have never found it. As far as I know, no one carries it. But if you DO find it locally, let me know, I'm going to buy some too! And that is so sad that silkies don't hatch well. Sheesh. My other chick that was due to hatch yesterday never pipped the air sac, so I think it's died. I'm leaving it in the incubator just in case, but I'm pretty sure it died, and from what I can tell, is fully formed. So far, all of my chicks have vaulted skulls. It was never my intention to breed them WITH vaulted skulls, it's just what they are developing with. My cockerel does not have a vault, but my hen does. It must be a dominate expression, or at least a semi dominate.

    Ivy, hope the cat smell doesn't come back. I'm pretty sure you can buy black lights at Walmart-- I know they use them in fish tanks and a long time ago, that is where we would buy them. But now that they change things around, who knows if they still keep the black light bulbs with the fish anymore. They could be in hardware for all I know.

    Sapphire-- gorgeous little pullet you have there! So sorry about your hatch, that is what happened to me for months-- my temperature was off and I didn't even know it! I'm pretty sure my humidity is fine. It's running at 71% for hatch. So that should be working.

    OKay all---- I have another large pip this morning!! This time, the ENTIRE beak is sticking out and when it chirps, I can see the beak open up. My humidity is at 71% and of course my temp is fine. PRAYING that this chick makes it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Deerfield Acres

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    Hawkeye, Mitchell Veterinary Supply in Wichita has the generic equivalent to Oxine. It's $8.95 for 16 oz. and called Chlorhexidine Solution (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) by Durvet. So maybe, JosieChick, you could locate a veterinary supply store that might carry it in your area. I know for sure Atwood's and TSC don't carry it.

    [​IMG]Yay!!!! for the pip. Now if the little pip squeak will get itself on out of there -- praying with you!!!!

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