Contest #8 Broodies & their babies! 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-Long.


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Winners announced here!

Broodies & their babies!
9th Annual Easter Hatch-a-long!


2017 Winner @redranger209

Who doesn’t love seeing a mother hen with her chicks?
Show us your best pictures of your Broody Hen and her babies.
2 Picture entries per contestant
The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges
To submit your entries, follow rules below and
post your photos in this thread!

1st: egg basket, donated by @Cynthia12


2nd: hen saddle, donated by @Auroradream26


3rd: 6 month PFM
Please visit the Membership Benefits Page


2016 winner @Chicks Galore3


Deadline for entry is April 9th 2018 at midnight PST!

Contest Rules:
Open to all BYC members in the Continental U.S.
(Not Alaska or Hawaii)
Must be your picture of your hen and chicks
Photo cannot have been entered in other contests
Maximum of 2 entries per person
No fake editing or Captions - Only hens doing what comes naturally
We want to see the world through your eyes, not through the excessive use of editing tools.
However, basic cropping and poop removal is allowed.
To submit your entries, simply post your images in this thread
Deadline for entry is April 9th 2018 at midnight PST
Winners chosen by a panel of judges, judge’s decisions will be final.
BYC Administration reserves the right to disqualify entries/posts not following the rules
All BYC Rules Apply Terms of Service (Rules)
Void where prohibited

If you have not joined in the Easter Hatch-a-long, join us here :

Thank you for your generous donations @Cynthia12 & @Auroradream26
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