Cool Chicken Quiz!


9 Years
Jan 14, 2013
Okay, here's how it works, I ask a chicken question and then people try to answer it correctly until I come back and tell them the answer, and then the person that got it right gets to ask the next question. Example: Me, "How many toes do chickens have?"
chickenhugs554, "four?"
Ducclechickenkisser, "five?"
Me, "wrong."
Smartchickener, "Depends on the breed."
Me, "Right! Smartchickener's turn!"

Rules: 1. Keep it PG,
2. No fights,
3. Don't argue,
4. Please fallow the instructions above.

Can Easter Eggers only lay green or blue eggs?
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hmm........ Got one.

The claw on the legs of most roosters (and some hens) are called what?
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