Cool Looking chick!


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
Sweet Home Alabama!!
We hatched this out of a Marans egg. Do Marans ever come in this color? It hatched black and has grown in the white as it has gotten older. Its a lot smaller than its Cuckoo Marans hatch mates. Do you think my hen had an affair with an Ameraucana, It Would have been improbable but nothing is impossible with the muff and beard its starting to grow now.

That there is mottling. It is a recessive trait. Both parents carried it. It can be leaky and show a bit with one copy, or not. Looks to me like it has two copies, though.
I dont have any d'uccle...Yet! I bought the parents from Ideal last year and they live half an acre away from all the other birds with my goats and geese.

I wonder if they bred them with something to pull off the leg feathering. you have me thinking.

I only kept one pair after the spring hatch. I dont even know if I kept this ones mom.
If she gets large enough I will breed her back to her father.
My one Marans hen is currently brooding on 6 eggs so we'll see if we get a duplicate.

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