Coop and protected run done - looking for comments/suggestions! Lots of pics!!


7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
Pemberton Borough, NJ
Hello my new helpful friends! Coop is done and waiting for its princesses! I have a few questions and welcome any suggestions you may have.

Here is what we did as far as fencing and landscaping. The big plant in the middle along the fence is a grapevine. I thought they would enjoy that. There will be more things planted around the outside of the fence, and I plan on putting a shrub or two inside for them to escape predators and heat too. The fenced in area is 16' x 16', for 3 GSL's and 2 bantams. I know they will fly right over that fence when they are full grown. We're going to cross that bridge when we get to it. Our house is about 25' to the left of this. I took this from our second floor.

A close-up of the base my DH built under the coop and protected run. There is hardware cloth under the coop and run, no apron on the outside. I put mulch down just so I could get the girls out there. I'll put more hay and stuff down when I move them outside.

Here is how the roof opens, not sure why I would need to get in this way though . . .

These are the latches that came on the coop.

My DH built these doors for easy cleaning of the run. There's one on either side.

Here is the handle and latch he added.

And, here are my questions!!

1) Will the latches that came with the coop be enough protection against predators? Should I switch them to ones that I can put one of those rock climber clips on? (I forget what they are called!!)

2) Would a raccoon be able to open the hooks on the doors on the run? It was kind of hard for me, but I've been told a coon can get the lid off of a metal garbage can.

3) If we are away for a few days, can I leave the door leading into the coop open while we are away? There is not enough room inside the coop for food and water. There is hardware cloth under the coop and protected run.

4) Do I need to put a latch on the roof? Would a raccoon be able to open that? I don't want to find out the hard way!!

Any suggestions are welcome as well, thanks again!
HI! I would not trust those hook and eyes to keep animals out. We used hook and eyes that are also used on our house screen doors to keep the kids inside! The hook has a spring that must be pulled back to allow it to unlock! These are working great on the chicken coop too. We bought them at a local hardware store. your coop and pen. Yes, I probably would devise some kind of latch for the roof...but I am a worrier! lol!!! ~Beulah
I can gaurantee a coon could open those latches as my Weimaraner could open them no problem.

I bet your neighbors hate you for putting it so close to their house. lol

Looks beautiful!
cute set-up ... love the picket fence. I'm not sure what type of fence I will use around my coop once it's done, but I'll worry about that after I get the privacy fence behind it.

I'll take the backyard! what is that big tree on the left?
What a great job you did. I bet your girls are going to be very happy in there. I agree with changing the hooks and possibly putting something on the roof, too. If you need to go out of town for a few days as long as your run is secure I think it would be just fine leaving the door of the coop open so they can have access to the run. Now you just need to put some chairs out there so you and hubby can watch chicken TV!
Magnificent coop! Charming! Yes I would use something other than hook and eye latches. Rock climber items... Carabiners, you mean?
LOL yes, I meant carabiners! The big tree to the left is a Japanese Maple. Our house is to the left of the coop in this picture. And we own the house to the right also, so they are our tenants. I'm not too concerned with them complaining! The most noise the girls make is chirping anyway, and who doesn't love the sound of that!

I really can't believe that the coop came with those lame latches. They will be replaced! And since I worry too, I will latch the roof too. Thank you all for your suggestions and compliments!!!

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