Coop and run materials


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Starting construction on coop and run this weekend I am contemplating using hardware cloth with 1/2" x 1/2" openings 19 gauge and pressure treated lumber. Any issues or tips???

I understan I will need to bury ... What ... 12" of the hardware cloth to prevent critters from digging into run ...

Thanks Lou

Basic design will be like this: 5' x 20' footprint for 4 hens ...
You can lay the hardware cloth on the ground extending out 24" from the fence of the run to prevent digging by predators. It does not need to be buried. If it lies on the ground, you can throw a little soil on it to hold it down. After a while, the grass and soil will work its way around the wire mesh to keep it in place.


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