Coop Camera


Apr 15, 2020
I am needing some info about a coop cam! I have searched existing posts, and I'm still confused about exactly what I need. My coop is within range of my wi-fi, but I do not have electricity in the coop. I want to be able to access a live image remotely from my phone. I ordered a Heimvision HDM2, and it seems to be a handy little camera, however it will only allow me to view the live image when I am actually connected to my wifi network (with my phone). This seems kind of pointless to me, since if I am in range of my own wifi network, I could just walk outside and check on the chicks if I wanted to...?? I want live access from my phone when I am away from home, yet each time I attempt to see it, I get an error that the device is not connected (although the camera itself is indeed connected). I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this camera is not equipped to perform what I need. Anyone that can help? Thanks

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