Coop floor - is a concrete slab a good floor?


11 Years
Feb 27, 2010
I've been doing more thinking (sometimes I do too much!) and wondered if a concrete slab floor would work in a coop. We have a pressure washer at the house and I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to just sweep out the bedding and use the pressure washer to clean the floor (we can add a "solution" to it I.e. Soap and/or bleach). Cement can withstand plenty of abuse, is easy to clean and is predator proof!
Concrete would be an excellent choice when topped with a layer of pine wood shavings. Plus as you stated cleaning and sanitizing would be super easy.
It is also pest, rot and vermin proof.

Cons - It can be hard on the chickens feet if it is not smooth, it is bitter cold in winter and if exposed in summer, it can get super hot.

All of which can be overcome if you do as opa says and use a 3-4" layer of litter.
I think my DH thinks I've totally lost it!!

I talked to him about it and he was like "What?? A dirt floor would be fine!"

I then pointed out that a "dirt floor" is ... well ... DIRTY .. and not at ALL predator proof!

I'm still not convinced I have him convinced but ... if I know my DH ... if I really want it I can have it cuz he luvs me

As a matter of fact, just yesterday, I told him ... "Before you start complaining about how spoiled I am, just remember, YOU'RE the one who MADE me that way!"

As far as "bitter cold" I don't think it would get too bad here in Arkansas, especially if I put a few sheets of that blue insulation under the slab. And I'd definately be adding a nice thick layer of litter down, although most likely it would be hay, unless I can find a place locally that will deliver a dump truck load at a fair price.

If he can spend $1500 on a 20' x 20' slab that is used for NOTHING (other than his "hypothetical, possible, maybe some day I'll build a shop" then why can't I have a 16' x 12' slab used for a chicken coop? Huh? Answer me THAT one.

Besides, he's not the one who will be responsible for cleaning it!
totally worth laying concrete, its not hard, maybe just a days work. If you are laying concrete go for wood pellets, odor absorbing and easy to make last a while longer than straw or hay. I would caution against hay, every impacted crop i have ever seen has been full of undigested hay!
Just take over his hypothetical slab and kill two birds with one stone - (pun intended).

And believe me, cleaning a cement coop floor is not a walk in the park. Mucking out, is mucking out.

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