coop for three 9 pics total.

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    Jun 1, 2010
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    heh! finally had some time to post some pic. Not completely decorated and still missing glass for the window. so its almost done.

    frame for the coop

    jump to window open (just the window frame is popped down. Couldn't see very well on the finished pic so before the paint.

    then we jump to the finished pic.


    closed door

    chicken door

    all the plywood sheets were FREEBIE!!! down side was some were warmped a bit. can't be choosey!

    and the tenants to the pink house, afterall, it is for the girls.

    sweet pea 7wks Ameracuna purrty. friendliset of the bunch. not so smart though

    lucy also at 7wks dark brahma

    and Molly the queen also at 7wks light brahama

    soo there you have it. Nothing fancy, simple. ventlation opening on the bottom and top. all the window and the ventlation are covered with 1/2" cloth... Will be installing solar powerered fan and solar based light for the winter. The ceiling the floor, the door and the back side has insulation board. most of the interior is covered in linolium tile for easy spray down cleaning. Haven't added the wall mounted feeder nor the water trough. That will be coming.

    Oh yes there is a single roost bar inside the only 2x4 piece in the coop. Even though the nest box goes all the way across, there will only be 2 inside. Will be using small cat litterbox and will be lined with wood shaving.

    Did I forget anything besides a ramp to the door? And the door is about 3" off the coop floor.

    nice thing is that the whole thing was built in a way that we can quickly disassemble and reassemble when we move. WE ARE MOVING to colder place.

  2. SandyK

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    Oh what beautiful babies you have!!!!
  3. thefishery

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    Oct 19, 2009
    That is so cute!! Now I want a pink coop! LOL
  4. surfchicken72

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    My wife wants ours to be pink as well..... did you use a stain? or Paint?
    My dad says a tinted stain would be better as the plywood REALLY sucks up the paint.

    Mine is not complete but a bit larger.. just looking for the most economical way to get it painted/stained....

  5. MaureenL128

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    May 24, 2010
    Long Island, NY
    looks great!
  6. smilingcat

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    Quote:Old dried plywood will soak up the paint so what I did was:

    1. take about a quart of paint/primer and thinned it out. And painted all the surface quickly just to coat the whole surface. When this dries out, it creates a thin barrier which keeps the next layer of paint from being sucked up into the plywood needlessly. let it dry overnight. Even if it says you can paint in two hours or so.

    2. then paint as you would normally. However thick or thin.

    I used the "Home depot" brand exterior enamel with water base. It stinks of ammonia though. And it said primer and paint mixed into one. one gallon will cover between 200 to 400 sq feet. It's about right.

    Decoration isn't finished yet...

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