Coop fright?


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
We moved our chicks outside successfully so far. But they won't go up into the nesting/roosting part of their coop. My brother told me they instinctivley seek a higher spot when it gets dark but they're not. We've been manually putting them inside. Will they learn after a few nights of this? They cuddle up together in a spot on the ground. The coop is fenced in with a ramp leading up to the house part. It just seems that the'd be warmer inside. Any suggestions?
You should keep them locked in the coop for 4-5 days, so that they know that its their home.
There's no way to shut them in the "house" part of the coop, it has a little square opening with a ramp down to the ground but then its fenced in. I'll see if I can upload a pic. Maybe that'll help.
That little section under the "house" part is where they like to huddle when it gets dark.
Get some cardboard and a roll of masking tape and temporarily close the hole. They'll sleep in the coop, realize it is safe and comfortable, and when you open the hole in a few days, they will likely return to sleep inside. Of course, this is presuming they have food/water/enough space in there.
ok Thanks. I could for now put the food and water in the nesting box since they won't be using that for any eggs for awhile ;) I don't think 4-5 days would be too long to get cramped since they're still small. Would they get adequate air flow though?
Not sure -- is there other ventilation? Maybe at the top of the walls? If not, you'd need to cover the hole with a scrap of small-holed fencing so the air can still exchange (and I'd consider adding vents!)
Ok I think that's gonna work. I made a little screen window and taped it over the opening. There is plenty of room for them. Thank you all so much :D
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