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6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Vancouver Island, Canada
Hi all,
I am building a coop for 5 hens this winter and I am trying to find the best location in my back yard.
I have some space between/under a mature pear tree and a mature apple tree where I just dug up a huge bed of mint and lemon balm.
The space is roughly 14feet buy 14feet under/between the trees in size, and I am planing an enclosure of 10 by 10 feet (5 by 5 foot coop, raised, and 75sq feet chicken run).
Is this too close to the fruit trees?
As in, will the chicken manure/runoff burn the roots of the trees?
I think that it would be a good space, since it will give the spot shade in the summer and sun in the winter.
Let me know what you all think.
Thanks for your advice.
The roots of the mature trees are deep in the ground and poo won't hurt them. Put it where they can get both shade & sunshine each day.
Size is ok but I'd make it bigger if it wasn't much extra effort.
-sounds like a good plan to have them near a tree. Our run is underneath a large oak tree. We do scoop up the run, daily. -don't let waste build up. We scoop and add all of it (from 10 birds) to our compost bins. -have had no adverse effects on the tree thus far. I do rake the run after scooping and make certain that some of the surface roots stay nice and covered. I don't let the chickens dig down too much before adding/spreading around fresh soil. -tree makes a grade shade for 'em in the summer! -best of luck on your coop/run plans!!
I would build the coop bigger as well. I'm always extending mine. You might find yourself adding more birds. :). Your trees will be fine, the fruit will get dusty. I have a roof also extending outside the coop to keep the girls dry along with a few roosts. They like staying outside regardless of the weather. In our winters here with all that rain, I have added wood chips in the outside run. You can call the local tree services and ask for it and it's free. I ask for it without cedar.
Thanks all,
great info, just what I was looking for.
Unfortunately, I can't increase my flock size, because of the limit set for our area.
But I think I can make the coop/run slightly larger, especially if it will help the chicks to be happier/healthier/less smelly.
I have also been hearing a lot of good things about the deep litter method as well, and have found a source for free coffee chaff, which I have also heard is good for bedding as well.
I am definitely gonna have at least 2/3rds of the run covered as well.
That is a good tip about wood chips for the run, as we do get a lot of rain on the island (it is torrential today in fact).
Thanks again!

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