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    Our neighbors did the very same thing.kind of not happy to and then they got four fighting hoping they will just keep their kids up all night because it is outside the kids window.
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    are you allowed to have roosters in your neighborhood, and do they have any? Or are they hens that are causing all the noise? Have you discussed with them that the chickens are waking you up too early in the morning? Maybe they would be willing to close the coop until later in the morning. I can understand why it might be hard to approach them if they are not open to hearing your complaints.

    Ifyou have spoken to them, and they are unwilling to make any changes, then you may have to resort to reporting them to local authorities. Most communities have noise ordinances which would cover nuisance noise. It would be unfortunate, especially if you think later you might want to have chickens of your own, to antagonize them.
  4. They have no roosters and they keep the hens inside the coop until later, but they make so much noise inside the coop that we can clearly hear them in our bedroom (windows closed). The problem is that they put the coop so close to where we sleep. It is going to be especially bad in the summer when we keep our windows open all night.

    We really want them to relocate the coop. There is no other location in their back yard (1/3 acre) would be near any neighbor's house. They just chose the worst spot possible (at least for us).
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    You would think that a man has the right to do whatever he wants on his own property. Whenever my neighbors complain about what I do on my property I tell them to go pound sand.
    Unless you can discuss it man to man and reach a solution, or have a ordinance supporting you, your only choice would be to move somewhere else if you don't like what the neighbors are doing on their own property.
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    Unfortunately what one person does on their own property can have a huge impact on those around them. That's why we require proper septic and trash disposal, and other issues such as creating a nuisance to be regulated. It does not seem unreasonable that you could ask someone to not create such a disturbance when it could be avoided.

    Man to man only works where you have two reaonable participants.

    And two men.
  7. Well said. I don't want to ask the neighbors to get rid of their chickens, only to understand how they are impacting us (and move them to a different spot in their yard). I will try to have another conversation, but we do have a city noise ordinance backing us if all else fails. I just wish he would have thought this through a little better before getting chickens and building his coop.
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    You may have to relocate your bedroom. I'll bet you could do it if you made it a priority.
    The last time I had a noisy neighbor problem, I packed up, sold my house, and moved out of town.
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    I think you should have asked them if they have had chickens before? Then Hopefully you could give them pointers such as where to put them. So my suggestion is is to talk to them nicely and explain and offer to help them relocate the coop. If you guys get a long okay maybe offer to use your coop while moving their coop. If they are nasty people life will suck for you.
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    Maybe I'm being overly-simplistic but wouldn't a little white-noise easily solve this problem? I have a household of nine (four of which are noisy, stompy, door-slamming teenagers) and I LOVE to sleep in. There is NO way I could do that without having a fan running in my bedroom to drone out all the rest.

    My wife thought I was crazy running a fan EVERY night...especially in the winter. Now she has to set her alarm to make sure she's up by 10am Saturdays to get one of the boys to bowling. The blissful drone of the fan wins over everything but the garbage truck dropping the can on the driveway...and only because that's at such a low frequency we feel it more than hear it.

    Could be worth a try maybe before going to war with the neighbors?

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