Coop next to an AC unit?


9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
Novice here... no chickens yet, maybe 3 in spring.

We've got a set of stairs coming down outside from our second floor, and under them, we've put our AC unit (whole house -- not window). We use it maybe 30-40 days in the summer here in the mid west.

I'm wondering if this same area under the stairs would make an OK spot for a coop. It would make it easy to service and offer good protected from wind, water and snow. The only wonder is whether or not the AC unit (maybe 1 or 2' from the proposed coop) coming on in the summer months would offend the chickens. Maybe they'd just get used to it? Were it not for the AC, I think it would be the ideal spot.

Go for it?


Bad for chicks?
I would think that the biggest issues would be ensuring there is sufficient "people access" for maintenance/repair that might need to be done on the a/c, and ensuring it didn't get all gunked up by dust (year-round - chickens do make a LOT of dust, especially if you're in a frequently-dryish climate) or feathers (during molts it can be like a feather explosion
). I guess you'd have to judge for yourself how likely these would be problems, based on the exact type and location of the a/c unit and the exact type of coop you're planning.

Just the *noise* from the a/c, I think chickens could adapt fine to.

Good luck, have fun,

From strictly a noise perspective, I think it would be fine; they would get used to it. Not sure if there are other issues to consider with an AC unit. Let's see what some other good BYC'ers have to say.
I would be concerned for the AC unit. They need plenty of air circulation around them to work efficiently and to last. My next concern would be the heat they put out when they are running. If you consider that you will be running it during hot weather I think you would be putting your girls in danger of heat stroke. Sounds like a good place for a coop but not aside the AC.
The AC unit releases a lot of heat when it's trying to get the house cool during summer, so adding that heat to the heat of the sun I think you will have fried chicken.
As the owner of a service company, I can say Pat is spot-on. You may have to wash out your condenser more frequently due to the dust and feathers, and you want to be sure to leave plenty of room for service people to work on the unit. 1-2 feet is probably not going to be sufficient unless there is unrestricted access to the unit on the other side, and even then that might not work if the service ports are facing the chicken coop.
For what it's worth I have an hoop coop about two feet from one of my ac units. And have zero problems. The only thing I would be concerned with is your condesation drain and where that water goes. You don't want that near your chickens or you will have a very stinky run.

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