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Apr 13, 2015
TX, east of Dallas

Here in North Texas the biggest concern is ventilation. Its very hot/humid in the summer and the low in winter can go to 20 but usually no lower than 27. Its our spring storms that are of a concern they can be vicious so the coop faces north/west with protection on its south/west side for the storms and heat protection. It is 5' x 12' x 7'tall. The coop itself on the end is 5' x 3'. It has a construction sand floor and the entire roof including coop is covered in 1/2 " hardware cloth for ventilation purposes. Its been very easy to clean, just a quick rake on the weekend and during the heat only need to clean the coop minimally as the "poop" dries pretty fast. Since the coop/run sits under a pecan tree we chose a clear suntuff panel so that they will get plenty of sunshine in the winter and if needed we can always add shade cloth to the top for summer; however with an added mister and frozen water bottles in their water container they went thru the 104 temps just fine this summer. We have calico bantam cochins (chosen for their temperaments, cheerful color and size) and since this pic have added a perch in the run and 1/2 a ladder painted bright green leaned against the run for plant pots, etc.


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Oct 1, 2015
Hi, I only have a little purchased coop with attached run though the 4 birds free range in the day. I have been using a cat litter scoop too to clean it out each day and I use Easichick bedding for the floor so this makes it simple to do. I also have a pull out tray which I line with newspaper and cover with the Easichick. This makes it very easy to completely clear once a week.

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Jul 16, 2014
My Coop
My Coop
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Dec 6, 2012
New Brunswick,Canada
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Oct 5, 2015
Grimes Co, Texas
Just about finished with my first coop for my first flock of 11 Barred Rocks. Nearly everything on this was free, scrap, or salvaged in some way leaving me to only have about $60 invested in it. The old tin I recovered the shed with came off of the remnants of an old barn my great grandfather built in the early 50's and it was used tin when he got it and built the barn. The shed is 6' x 10' with a wire covered 12' chain link run. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!



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Jun 21, 2015
Here's my lovely coop! I still have to paint it. Was going to paint it teal blue and the trim pieces white! Its 8x8 and the run is 8x14. I have a tarp lining the floor of the coop to make cleaning a breeze! Just sweep up the flakes and lay down new! No poop or water absorbing into the floor.



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Aug 16, 2015
brockton mass

This is a picture of my coop and run.
The barn is post and beam built by ponderosa pines wood builders in kingston mass. The run built by my husband Raymond Homer Carpentry. It has a shingles roof. The inside nests are removable . They Come if the wall by lifting of the brace. Roosts are 2 by 4 removable too. I use pine shavings on the wood floor and layer

newspaper under the roost. Easy to roll up and toss.
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