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May 26, 2012
I have a feeling that the ramps on my coops are a little steep. Would anyone have any suggestions on how long and steep a coop ramp would be? Here is an example of one of my ramps and the coop sits about 20 inches off the ground.


from this angle, it looks like they have nothing to grip when coming down the ramp? Mine really rely on those grips when coming down. You could always build a Z ramp with a landing in the middle if you think it is too steep
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If the ramp is going to be used for babies, then you want the length to be about 5 feet for every foot of height the ramp goes up. If the ramp is for adult hens, about three feet should be fine.

The ramp is also very steep for the birds, you should have cross pieces to help them walk up and down without sliding. I have heard that you can also paint the ramp and add sand into the mix to help with traction. I have not tried this method yet but I think it would work.
That looks to be about the same angle as mine. My girls could use it at 5ish weeks when they moved out of the brooder. But I do have horizontal cross pieces on mine, about every 4 inches or so. They pretty much just fly down, but really use the cross pieces on the way up.
That does look steep to me. My smaller birds didn't like using my ramp until I made not as steep. I'm thinking of removing it completely and having a couple of horizontal bars for them to hop up instead. It take up much less floor space too.
Our coops are very similar. I thought the same regarding steepness when I first moved my 8 week olds out to the coop. I placed a couple of bricks under the end of the ramp to decrease the angle. Now that they are fully grown, I have removed the bricks and they have no problems at all.
Something I did for a ramp. I used two wooden poles, as long as you need them to be. Cut a piece of chicken wire the same length but a little more than twice the width as you require. Now lay the poles on top of it. Place a good thickness of straw between the poles. Now fold the remaining piece of wire over and fasten it with a piece of wire, or bend the ends to hold it together. Now, so that the chooks don't get their little toes stuck, use pieces of wire to bring the wire on the ramp together in places (from underneath). This will make the straw tight between the wire and strengthen it. And there you have it!!!!

Another idea is to join twigs laying around the ground together to make the ramp. Cheap and inexpensive.
Hope this helps as one idea
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