Coop Supplies-Suggestions of where to purchase (WI/MN)


8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
Amery, WI WI/MN border
I am finishing up my coop which has 250+ sq ft. I am planning on aprox a dozen chickens (8-month old chicks currnetly). Will this be too large to keep warm in the winter? Cement walls, fyi.
Do you have any suggestions as to the best place to get supplies? And any input as to the best items to puchase? I need to get nestboxes-thinking metal? and feeders. Also, it appears that besides feeders and waterers, I need something to contain grit, dust baths, and calcium. I am located in West WI and work in the twin cities Mn.....
saw a display at the mn state fair for "egg|plant supply" in st. paul. look them up on facebook or google them, they may have what you're after
We buy all our chicken needs/food at mills fleet farm. Our building materials com from menards. Both places have the cheapest prices.

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