Coop wall liner. FRP or Whitewash?

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May 17, 2017
I'm in the latter stages of planning my coop, and I'm trying to decide between using whitewash for the inside on my coop (assuming I use plywood for the interior), or just installing FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) for the inner walls. Either way, I'll need inner walls, as I'm going to use 2" R10 foam insulation in the coop.

I've read that whitewash, made from water, salt and hydrated lime, helps to repel bugs, and it is cheap and non-toxic. FRP panels would basically give me a plastic surface in the coop, which would not hold odors, and would be easy to clean. Either scenario will be well ventilated to avoid frostbite in the Winter (plus, I have windows for cool breezes in the summer.

Can anyone offer experience born of wisdom with either whitewashed plywood or FRP panels for a coop interior?
Well from my experiences as a dairy farmer where we whitewashed the barn yearly. Everything was sprayed, wood, stone, and cinder block. It needed to be done yearly as it attracted dust and dirt. Plywood does well with a good primer and exterior paint, I'm not sure if whitewashing is necessary. The plastic panels can be washed and disinfected as you said, though I have never disinfected my coop, nor repainted the one plywood wall.

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