copper pipe in kiddie/duck pool? Yes or No..


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Mar 13, 2008
East South Central (West KY)
I saw a tip in Birds and Blooms magazine that suggested putting some copper pennies into a birdbath to keep algae growth down. I wouldn't do that with ducks b/c the goobers would probably eat the pennies and the acid would eat off the copper allowing the zinc to leach out & poison them, so I know that's out. However, would a length of copper pipe (too big to "bill" or lift) in the bottom of the pool have the same algae-inhibiting effect? ?? anyone know for sure? or alternatively, how do you keep the algae out of your duckie pool? (it's as much in the shade as I can get it). TIA!
I tried a penny in my bucket that is attached to my chickens nipple watering pipe. Didn't do a thing, still got algae in a home depot orange bucket.
It would be safe, its used in house plumbing.

I keep algae out of my kiddie pools by dumping regularly. They are gross within 30 minutes so, no chance for algea.
The only thing I'd be worried about would be the sharp edges but if you put endcaps on it that would solve that problem. You could also look for a small copper pot or jello mold at a thrift store.

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