Corn and Soy free......?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by DeannaOR, May 26, 2012.

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    Sad to see this is from 5 years ago... but also happy to see it's not a super new idea. I am also well versed in nutrition for other critters, and the nutrition for commercial production poultry thanks to my degree. I'd rather forget that part of it, and start learning about what chickens SHOULD eat.

    As with horses, cats and dogs, I take everything back to evolution (which spans much longer than domestication and the feedstuffs forced on many species).

    I think it's funny the first comment here blames "political reasons" which is hilarious. This has nothing to do with politicians. It has to do with my animals, their stomachs, gizzards, and intestines, and what they utilize best based on what they were evolved to process.

    I am afraid that the answer is rather costly and includes "insects and rare, extinct seeds" but I would like to get as close as economically feasible... and maybe get the conversation on backyard chicken nutrition moving forward as the backyard chicken trend continues to grow!

    I will be reading the comments above, but if anyone has any new commentary, feel free to chime in ;)
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  2. Taking things back to evolution completely ignores the fact that humans have intervened in the physiology of livestock by breeding them for specific traits. Claiming the you should feed a modern Rhode Island Red exactly as you would a wild jungle fowl is fool hardy and misguided.
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    Well, I never said " completely"... and I will offer a Layer pellet to my girls to have when they fell need anything they could be missing :)
    ....nor do I have RIR's ;)
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    I just found a product that I want to share here.

    I've been feeding soy-free since I began keeping chickens 6 years ago. One of the main issues we have is getting a good protein level, of course. I found that my birds did not like the field peas and would usually just leave them. I tried sprouting - birds not interested. Tried soaking - not interested. Even tried cooking them just to see if they would eat them. Still, no interest.

    Just a couple months ago I found that Fertrell is now offering a soy-free protein crumble that you mix with your grains in ratios based on the protein level you want. If you decide to try it, you can contact their formulators and they will also give you a formula based on what grains you have available.

    The best way to purchase this is from a local dealer which you can track down on their website. Shipping to an individual is too cost prohibitive.

    This comes in organic and not organic. Contains field peas, sesame meal, linseed meal, fish meal and crab meal.

    I purchased a 50 lb bag to try and my birds are eating all the feed and seem to like it. Of course, they pick out the grains first, but they don't hesitate to eat the crumbles. If doesn't all stay in crumble so it has powder. But that doesn't seem to deter them. I also use the Poultry Nutribalancer (have since the beginning).

    Here's a link"
  5. The real reason is political. As smart or as dumb as a chicken is or can be I have never found a Democrat or a Republican chicken and I have kept quite a few chickens over the year. In this one political aspect maybe chickens are smarter than us humans.
  6. Peas, pigeon peas, soy beans, in fact any legume seed is toxic to chickens. The truth is that peas and beans give chickens gas and chickens are unable to poot.

    Chickens only eat soy beans in pellets or mash form because the soy beans have first been ground, roasted or steamed at high temperatures, then the soy bean oil is pressed out or expelled chemically to create soy bean meal.

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