Cornish X and tractoring.


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Jan 25, 2008
We have a 10X10 tractor that we will be using for meaties. We will probably get about 25 meaties. We have a 5 acre horse pasture that the tractor would be in, for optimum mobility. I have some quick questions.

I am curious how often this tractor would need to be moved? Probably more often as they get older. How quickly would the grass rebound? Can I expect the grass to die off first or will it rebound quickly? Just wondering what to expect.

We will be doing the same thing. Getting 25 CX on 4/6. My plan is to move as needed basically. When there is an accumulation of poo, move it. Grass growing back may depend on weather. If it rains heavy and washes the debris away then maybe the green will grow faster. First time with meaties.
We planned to move it as needed as well. I was just curious about how often was the norm for "as needed". Obviously they would need to be moved more as they got older. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I move mine as much as I can, which means at least twice daily. Your grass won't die unless you fail to move the tractor and it turns into a "poo cake." The grass will rebound quickly and BRIGHT green where the tractor was. Even with only 25 birds in a 10x10 tractor, you're going to want to move it as much as you can- they will congregate in one spot.
I keep my CRs in tractors too. When they go from the brooder to the tractor (2-1/2 weeks old) I initially move them once a day and watch the amount of poop that builds up. Usually at about 4 weeks I start to move them twice a day. I did 30 to 35 in in a 10x10 tractor. I had one seriously green field by the end of the summer last year! Let the poop be your guide
What is about the longest you can leave it in one place without killing the grass?

It only took my 10 hens three days to wipe out a 20x16 run.. So i would guess if you forget a day you will be seeing alot of dirt..
Last year I used a 10 x 12 hoop coop and raised 2 batches. One of 25, and one of 30 Cornish X. I also used a portable kennel that I used to have for the dogs when we had time to go camping to increase their area. I was moving about every other day until they got about 4 - 5 weeks old, then daily after that. The grass came back with out any problems. I only used a small portion of the 5 acre field that they were in.


With the 1st batch I was able to let them out to free range, but by the time I did the 2nd, my layers were bigger and would fight the CX for their feed so could only let them loose under supervision.

What is about the longest you can leave it in one place without killing the grass?

I did not test it, but with the amount of poop, probably a couple days at most. Actually I moved more for more reasons that just poop management. I also did not want the CRs to be penned in with their poop, it can attract flies and I like giving them fresh grass and bugs a couple times a day.
What is about the longest you can leave it in one place without killing the grass?

Move it every chance you get- your birds and the lawn will do better. They will also eat their poo if left to sit on it.

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