Coronation X White and Seramas Hatching! PICS!** SAD UPDATE **


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
West "By God" Monroe, La
Well so far I have 4 Coronation Sussex X White Sussex hatched out, and 2 little seramas!!!

Still have 2 seramas working and 6 sussex.

Here is how much different in the sizes


My other serama

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The brown one reminds me of a coturnix chick lol, so cute and tiny.
We will be hatching seramas and coronations too in a couple weeks I cant wait, hope we get cuties like yours.

I'm very very sad to report that while we were working on a sick chick (whom finally passed this evening) one of our cats got into the brooder and killed 2 of the coronation sussex, as well as both seramas.. I just cannot discribe the feelings that I have for that cat, but it was taken outside by one of my kids, and I can't even look at it. I know it was my fault, I left the lid open on the brooder after finding a chick in trouble. I know that the cat was just being a cat, but the dang birds were only about 4 hours old.

I still have 2 of the sussex.

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