Correct Way to Hold / Handle Peafowl


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Mar 30, 2011
Sangre De Cristo Mountains , Colorado
hello everyone ,
Im hoping theres a specific way to successfully hold / handle / carry peafowl. I have noticed as we are coming into the 4th month of age with our peahen she no longer allows us to pick her up by putting both hand on each side , holding her wings down, with a short minute of dangling legs until i put her feet on my chest... shes become quite the slicer and dicer
( nail trims on peafowl- same as a chickens nail trims?)

I see that she does perch fine on my hand / arm but when walking her out to the day run should i hold her toes? i certainly do not want to hold her in a way that if she tries to take off i will injure her...
I know every bird is different as far as how tame they are , i am just hoping that there is a standard way to hold them like there is with restraining cats or dogs.

at my work , we partner with many rehabbers, one of which is Michelle from Hope Wildlife (Hernando County FL) who has some peafowl that are escaped pets and "non-releasables" and has rehabbed numerous peafowl. I plan to ask her although she has told me that all of her peafowl are not tame enough to hold.

Any suggestions or how to Pics would be great !


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May 10, 2011
Yes, I also would like to know. I have been picking up my peachicks by putting both hands around their body and wings, but they do not like it and try very hard to squirm out of my grasp. I'd like to know a less-traumatizing way to pick them us so they don't hate me.


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Jun 10, 2010
Quote:Sounds exactly the same as I hold them. They also can't KICK if you're holding their legs, and when handling the boys with those big spurs... not kicking is very good XD

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