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Dec 4, 2009
My DD wants to have a birthday party, ok it's in 4 months so plenty of time to save and plan. Why are kids parties so expensive? we can't have one at our house so it has to be somewhere else. I checked out the local indoor kids park it would cost $400 for a party, mc d's $200, bird kingdom $350. I was thinking about checking out renting a room at a local grocery store and do a alice tea party theme, the room used to be free and all food must be bought at that store( ok, because I shop there) $200, I could do it at a petting zoo but 20 5 yearolds would be too much to handle. Any idea's? .
That's what I do and it's always a huge hit! I have had parties for both my youngest and my niece and DD STILL talks about how much fun hers was like....7 years ago!! LOL! If ya want some ideas I threw these parties for around $150-200.
Last summer I threw a party for my niece, at out house (larger yards). Total cost? about $30-

Cupcakes- homemade
Invites - printed at home
Waterballons $5 walmart
Squirtguns: 3 $5 packs

We did a waterfight party. Before the party we filled up 4 5 gallon sized buckets/rubbermaid totes/old ice cream tubs and placed them around the yard. Her friends were asked to bring suits a towel and a squirt gun (I bought extras). Split the kids into 2 groups the red team fills up in the front yard, the yellow in the back. Then we let them loose to pelt each other. Made some games from cardboard and tacks (took a box, flattened it out, drew a mario picture on it, taped tacks with the sharp end pointing out as targets). The kids got to decorate sugar cookies with frosting left over from the cupcakes, and they said it was the best party ever. We just set things up and let them play and be kids, no jumpers (which kids only use for 20 minutes anyways), no clowns/ponies whatever, just waterballons, squirt guns and a day of prep work.
ok my daughter is 11 and looks 15, but she wants to have a sleep over. I also have three older boys, so it willb e sooo much easier for me and exciting for them to go on a girls only weekend camp out at a state camp. Some of teh girls have never been camping and it would be in June, so nice and warm. I was thinking maybe 4 girls and me, and they can go swimming and ride go carts and of course there is smores. My daughter is all for the idea. I can pull this off for under 200. It would always be remember by those girls so it is actually priceless.
Twenty 5 year olds? Why such a big party that the kids will barely, if at all, remember? I think you are trying too hard to keep the peer group of parents happy.

Have a small but happy event, and don't feel like you have to keep up with the Jones'.
You guys are right I can plan the party at a park and do a kite theme or something, I know we have a park with a carosel that you can rent for pretty cheap.Usually we don't do parties, as we were partied out whemn the kids were younger, but she just really wants one.

The CAROUSEL party is $70 with a free t shirt and poster,50 person limit, also 30 min private rides. I can make cup cakes and offer snacks and drinks, even 2 party pizza's will still be less the the mcd's party. They will hold a pavilion incase it rains. I think this is something is more our price range I could do a party in under $150 with goodie bags and a craft.
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I have an idea or two, but let me say this FIRST -


You made an operative statement in your opening post: "DD wants to have a birthday party."
As in, wants you to pay for her to have an extravagant, overpriced party for a bunch of FIVE year olds.
Did I read that right... 5 years old?

You have at least two options -

1. DO it
2. DON'T do it.

If you do it, then you may as well tighten the noose now, then hand her the tag end of the rope as you go into the future.
You will have set the standard for many more parties - and increasingly greater extravagances - to come.

If you don't, and seek an alternative more in keeping with your wants and budget, then you send a different message:
"Being the parent, I have pre-eminence and earn the money. Thanks you for your input, and I'll take it from here."

You've already gone to great lengths finding ways to indulge DD. However, you never really considered anything else. You'll entertain alternatives, but they are only matters of degree on the extravagance theme.

At five years old, a birthday party is a grand thing, and tons of fun. Cake, ice cream, her friends and some balloons around the chicken coop ought to suffice nicely.
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Reminds me of the time my DD, who was in 8th grade at the time, wanted to have a birthday party. All her friends at the house, listen to music, etc. Turns out they all brought water pistols. When I caught them shooting each other IN MY HOUSE I threw them all out in the yard and locked the doors. Didn't let them back in until it was time for cake and ice cream and made them park the water guns on the porch. Then it was over, and apparently a good time was had by all. Initially I was worried about kissing games because it was a mixed group; turned out I should have shut the water off!

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