Cotton Patch Goose Eggs

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Hello guys!

    We will be testing out selling our cotton patch goose eggs. As you may know, cotton patch geese are extremely rare heritage geese that originated in America's deep south to weed cotton patch fields. We have both the saddleback and solid varieties together, meaning you will probably get a mix of both. This is a limited time pricing, as these are our first eggs (fertility confirmed). We cannot sell goslings at this time, but would not like the eggs to go to waste. Eggs are no more than a week old when shipped, and orders for later in the year are welcome (geese willing)!

    Our geese are directly from Tom Walker, and goslings usually sell for around $30-$40. We are selling our eggs for $10 each, plus exact shipping. As always, we cannot guarantee hatch rates because of factors out of our control. We do mail priority with careful packaging.

    Please PM me to order, do not BIN. We have 6 eggs ready to go ASAP!

    Puddle Foot Farm

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