Coturnix Diet & Cohousing Questions


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Due to the fact that I'm on a city lot where poultry is verboten, my 5 chooks live in a 70 square foot coop in my single car garage (along with Cayuga ducks at the moment, but that's another story).

I've just brought home 15 coturnix who are currently housed in a giant stock trough in the aforementioned garage. My questions are these:

1. Is being exposed to dust from the chickens a serious health risk for them (e.g. will they keel over from Blackhead)?

2. Which foods will keep them healthy with good natural immunity?

3. Where does the balance between these two factors lie or should I just move them to the basement?

Thanks in advance!
The chicken dust should not effect the birds at all. My main breeders will be housed in the coop my chickens live in. Just in cages. Also for diet I feed my birds Dumour 26% I think it is Gamebird starter.....than will switch them over to 20% when they are breeding age. Anymore questions feel free to ask. If I was you I would try to get a nice big cage for them. Beats the heck outta cleaning that stock tank 2 times a week and also better for the birds.
I get Dumor gamebird feed from tractor supply that's what i feed mine as well. It's called Dumor Chick/Starter, it shows a duckling and a chicken chick on it it's fro game birds and chickens...nonmedicated and the adult form shows a hen and an adult duck on it

edited to add the chick starter of Dumor I use is 20% protien...the adult is 18% so i suppliment.

Nope chciken dust wont hurt them at all.
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it's not really a hijack we're talking about proper feed for them lol!

as for that feed that's specifically for chicken chicks that bag in question, but i see the bigger bag with teh hen and the duck on it that's the adult form...the chick form has a chicken chick and a duckling on it
I dont think there is a 26%...i've never seen it, Sam, what does the 26% one look like?

edit to add, to the original poster, any nonmedicated game bird feed is best
If the protien is too low 20% is low, you'll need to suppliment with protien sources like boiled eggs, kitten food, insects, even beans i've heard can be used.
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no prob lol im just curious what the bag looks like stil on the 24% cuz my TSC doesnt sell any 24% ones unless it's the one not for game birds too cuzi dunno how much their percentage is?
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm also wondering which "real" foods - mealworms, crickets, fresh greens, etc., would be good for them?

Thanks again!

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