Coturnix quail in the wild?


Jul 15, 2019
As some of you may know I lost my female hen around August, leaving my male alone and depressed. I haven’t been able to get another female and he’s been crowing at night. Family members tell me to let him go into the wild but I have high doubts that he would get killed. But today he did something that surprised me. While I went to go feed him and give him his water in the morning I opened the cage door and he tried escaping even tho I put my arm to block him. His little head kept trying to look out. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to escape or bite my arm but I’m going with the first one. Would you guys suggest me to let him go? I am stuck in this situation. I love him and I don’t want him to die but he’s suffering here as well. And there’s no breeders I could give him too, I have checked. Any support would be a great help. Thank you.


May 26, 2009
David, Chiriquí, Panama
Coturnix quail have lost the ability, and common sense, to survive in the wild (or your back yard). It's simply been bred out of them over the centuries. Letting him out of the cage is signing a death warrant.
I have successfully incubated store bought quail eggs with nothing more than a light bulb and a plastic (rubbermaid type) tote and a thermometer. I now have an incubator, but just saying... when there's a will, you can find a way to find him a few girlfriends.

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