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  1. I had a coturnix quail hen today that pushed out her Hen/lady parts out her vent and started to push her guts out. I culled her right away. I would like to know what its called. I checked the others, non of them have it. I wondered if it can spread, and if her offspring can carry it? As I have chicks that are Tux (which she was).


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    Sounds like maybe prolapse? I've (thankfully) never had to deal with it, but I recall reading that it can be hereditary.
  3. I read about it. Thats what she had. Looking into hereditary. I don't want another bird suffering from this... :(
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    This can definitely be hereditary. So it is advised not to breed hens with this issue so it is not passed down to the offspring.

  5. Oh okay, well I have a few tuxedos chicks that I should keep an eye on than.... Thanks so Much :)

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