Couer d Alene Fair!

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    Anyone who went to that fair last year is very lucky.. Because at that fair, some of my favorite YouTube people attended. They didn't like it very much, but that's not the point. Except, a little kid told the main guy (Destery) "hays stop being gay" and well if a kid said that to me I'd give him a stern talking to! That is very rude to say to people.. Anyways! Whoever lives in Idaho, you share your state with a very awesome person. I'd like fairs here.
    There are fairs, but everyone is so crazy in the parking lot at the AV fair I really don't like to go. It seems people are trying to run you over as you're strolling along. Alot of chaos but gosh don't run me over! :O Also, those pamflet people attack you in the fair. "hey you look like you have the potential to-" No leave me alone I don't want your silly pamflets and offers! Unless they're handing out free stuff then I'm good. :) Free mints.. Hopefully...
    Anyways! What does "hays" mean? Is that country talk for suburban person? Cuz, Destery lives in a common neighborhood.

    Anyone who went, how was the fair? Did you see the YouTube people? Go get an autograph! :) (they look like teenage boys, skinny, skinny jeans, pokey "teased" hair, stuff)

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