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    Hi everyone. Went in to check my girls and collect eggs tonight. One of my barred rocks is coughing. After reading some of the posts her on BYC I have a feeling it might be moist bedding. My BF changed the water the other night and spilled some. I have been changing out the wet spots with dry bedding, however, it has been very cold here and difficult to do. I can only get to it tomorrow. However, it is 9 degrees here tonight. Any wet spots will be frozen. I feel terrible. What to do?
  2. This is something I have always did when my chickens were babies. When they slept, I would always put a shower towel for them to stay warm or if I carry them in the rain, you should put a tower below her bed so she can stay in peace, and keep her away from other chickens because you don't want it to spread.
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    I would just remove it in the morning. Wet shavings can become moldy, but it is nearly impossible to never spill a drop of water. Mold can cause aspergillosis, a respiratory disease. I would watch for any other symptoms in your hen, such as nasal' or eye drainage or crusting, noisy breathing, or swelling around an eye or the face. Coughing can also be from dust, ammonia odor, or stuffy air.

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