Could a dislocated hip be reset at 5 weeks?

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    Jul 12, 2010
    Hi All,
    Well it is going on 5 weeks that my Jenny hurt her leg/foot. She has no puncture wounds and no swelling When this first happened she was holding her foot up and hop on one leg. I isolated her like suggested but after a few weeks I felt awful. Besides that she was jumping up and using her perches so she wasn't totally confined so she wold not use her leg/foot.
    I have noticed that Jenny has lost weight even though she is eating all her favorite food etc
    ALSO she has not laid an egg in a few weeks the last one she laid from her perch and she ate it all up from the ground. I think the eggshell was rubbery and not hard like an egg should be.
    I have her and all the tohers on a vitiman supplement that has Niacin and other stuff in it that you put in their water.
    Yesterday I decided to open the stall door that Jenny's house is in. Everytime I came out to say hello she made her Jenny noises and I jut melted. I notice that she IS the bottom of the pecking order maybe because she was raised by me ALL by herself. She is 2 this year and did incredibly well when she was free roaming the bran with one other hen and a Rooster. I have noticed that the feathers all around her neck have turned white instead of the beautiful beige brown with spots.......I have noticed this before with other hens but they were picked bald from the flock.....Since Jenny has been hurt I have not seen ANY feather picking so her feathers changing color is bothering me.......Does this mean something Health wise?????? I can also feel her breast bone way more then ever and her comb is still half flapped over instead of standing up straight like it used too.....
    My main cncerns: Why is she NOT laying as she has always done so daily?
    The feather color change especially since I did not notice and plucking and I handlle her daily so ???????
    I wonder off topic since my hens are sitting on eggs yet again what would happen if I gave Jenny a few babies to foster mother???? Then I could isolate her in the stall again where she has plenty of room I just think she is lonely.......I Love her dearly and I pray I get some answers...... Her poop looks normal not runny and yucky so I am at a loss and SERIOUSLY thinking about giing Jenny 2 chicks to raise but will her mother instincts kivk in??? Do chickens foster baby chicks?
    HELP please????

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