could it be Mareks diasease ???

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    Hey everyone,I just thought I'd post a update on our little bantam hen Rocky.Its been about 2 weeks now that she hasn't been standing on her own.I first thought that maybe she was egg bound & we gave her a few warm soaks per day.We're still doing that & she's eating & pooing but she's not drinking alot though.She hasn't laid a egg either .
    I've been reading some of the other posts & followed the link to the Missisippi state poultry diasese page.I'm now thinking that maybe Rocky has Mareks diasese.Her one eye has a really small pupil.I'll have to look closer when I get home from work.If so is there anything that can be done? Can she ever be around my other birds without the risk of infecting them? All my Chicks where bought locally so I doubt they where vaccinated for mareks.One other cause of
    leg paralysis is acute lack of water & vitamin E deficency.She's had access to water at all times.Can I force her to drink water with vitamins VIA a syringe or other device?
    On a brighter note my other girls have been pretty busy & we got 14 eggs the other day & we still have a few girls who haven't laid yet. If we lose rocky she'll be the first chick we've lost since we started. So I know we've been lucky.I had to cull 10 roosters earlier but no losses due to sickness.Thanks for any help Mike
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