Could they REALLY have eaten the whole thing ?

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  1. Yesterday, I pulled the little bucket out of the place where I store the eggs the hens lay. I usually get about 2 to 3 days worth and then off to the house to candle them and put them in cartons and then the frig. I have a few people I gve them to every few weeks.

    ANYHOW, I got really distracted and left the bucket FULL of NICE, BROWN and WHITE LARGE LOVELY EGGS. When I realized that I had left them in the chicken barn on top of the cage as I walk out i went to retreive them.

    NOT ONE egss was in the bucket, NOT ONE shell was on the floor and NOT ONE hen or roo looked guilty !!!!

    I mean is it possible that they ate over 30 eggs and left absolutely nothing !?

    It was a sad day, but I guess the birds had a GREAT time.
  2. coastaltx

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    Feb 12, 2010
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    Did any of them have egg on their face? [​IMG]
  3. midget_farms

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    It sounds like a rat.

    Honestly - a rat will cart away all of the eggs & hide them in a hole somewhere for future consumption.

    Chickens simply can't eat all of the shell & yolk etc w/o leaving a huge mess.
  4. nelgkel

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    Quote:I agree, sounds like a rat or a snake! so sorry you lost all of your eggs.. [​IMG]
  5. WV_Hillbilly70

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    Maybe it was midget_farms....thier tag says they can eat 50 eggs!... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    May 10, 2010
    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Rocky Top Chick

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    or a dog. My dog ate 7 one night right out of the basket while my back was turned.
  8. zDoc

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    Very funny. [​IMG]
  9. You guys crack me up.

    I have drawn a conclusion though. Those chickens DID and I repeat DID eat them all. It was during the day so no varmits were out and the dog and the cat won't eat the shells.

    Trust me, I am Very careful now !!
  10. PatS

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    Once one of mine laid from the roost and it broke. One of the chickens sampled it, because there was yolk on her face. I guess I'm lucky they never put two and two together. (Knocking wood, just to be safe.)

    But there were telltale signs: egg shell, a big wet spot, eggy face, yolk wiped on the wall. I think if your flock had eaten all those eggs, there would have been evidence. MY chickens DON"T clean up after themselves.

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