Could this be MAreks?

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    Ok, I am starting to freak out about my now 11 week old pullet! She developed sudden foot paralysis on March 4th. She was fine that morning and by Friday evening she couldn’t walk on her left leg. I initially thought an injury, but couldn’t find any sign of that. I had brought her inside and then had thought some sort of deficiency. I have been given her egg, vitamin & electrolyte supplements in moistened chick feed, BOSS & mealworms. I was thinking maybe riboflavin deficiency and/or protein deficiency. By the next day her Right leg started to be affected and still is not as bad as her Left leg. I am not seeing any improvement in her at all since bringing her in over a week ago. She might be even a little bit worse. She does not appear ill at all. She is eating and drinking well, poops are normal and is very alert and loves to snuggle.
    I am fairly new to chickens so I have not seen most diseases they are prone too but now I am wondering if this could be Mareks???? None of my others in flock are showing any of these symptoms and she had 8 other hatchmates. I am in the process of trying to find a vet to see her in my area since nothing I am doing seems to be helping her. I am wrapping her feet in an attempt to keep them in a more normal postion too.
    She as well as the others were fed chick feed but they also got treats of yogurt, cottage cheese, BOSS and scratch and I was thinking maybe she would pig out on the scratch instead of the more nutricious feed??? Oh, and they all also received moistened chick feed with vitamins added daily in addition to the dry feed.
    Do you think this could be Mareks???

    Here is a pic of when she first started to develop her paralysis and I think they are actually looking a bit worse now.

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