Could Use some help (advice)

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8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Tallahassee, FL
I had a broody, she wouldn't break.

I gave her some of my eggs. They after 8 days showed no development.

I got some fertile about to hatch eggs. One hatched an fluffed fine with the broody.

Then 3-4 dead chicks, one squished. On dead in middle of hatch but not squished. Another dead maybe squished. Last dead in shell.

I don't know if she or the heat is killing them as I'm in Florida and it gets in the 90 degrees range.


Good or Bad I stole the 4 externally pipped eggs from her and put them my incubator. Right now the humidity is 57% I need to get that higher right? There are 3 more eggs out there not externally pipped, should I steal them?
Once fluffed should I give them back (that is currently my plan).

Any idea on if she is killing them by accident or if maybe they are dieing of the heat?
The heat can do it, I really believe. Here she is trying to keep newly hatched chicks warm with her body and they are already plenty warm -- or too warm. My few successful broody hatches have been in spring / cooler weather. The one time a broody hatched them in the summer, they all died. I found them with ants on them. Whether the heat or the ants killed them, or the broody, is hard to say.

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