Could use tips on raising chicks with a duck...


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Apr 15, 2014
Central Alabama
So right now Ive got one chick, because her sidekick passed in the cold weather last night ( I feel terrible, so please no judging). So now her and her duck companion are in my daughter's bathtub... easy cleanup! We were told the chicks were big enough to not be under a light as they have some feathers (I was told at this stage they are pullets, but I read pullet was just another word for hen...).
We built a coop outside to keep the duck and chickens in for now together since they seem to be getting along! Has anyone else raised ducks and chicken together? And what tips can you give me about my babies????

Also, keep food with them 24/7 or 1x, 2x, 3x a day? Same with the water. The chick doesn't drink as much water as the duck, but the duck is so clumsy that it steps in the water and spills it constantly, making the bedding wet!

As soon as the weather clears and warms back up to where we do not have them in the house, I am going to get a few more chicks and maybe another duck.
btw if youre wondering, we have a pond for the ducks when they get older :)

cant wait to get help from any of you!

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