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    Ok so i have raised quail before so i know how to take care of them but i was wondering wht breed anyone prefered or found a market for cause i really want bobwhite but am just wondering if its worth thje hass of paying 50 dollars every year for class one wildlife breeders permit and i was also wondering how bigger farms or farms that sold quail set their pens up to maximize profit i was wanting to do like rabbit hutches during summer in the shade (missouri it gets pretty warm ) and then we have a old truck camper that is pretty much gutted on a trailer cause we never use it anymore and i wanted to do likke stacked or hanged cages in there during the winter so i could keep a heat lamp in their to keep it abouve freezing thanks for all of the help on theses questions
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    I think it would depend on how involved you would like to be. Bobs are more aggressive in my opinion. Coturnix are a bit less flighty and agressive. Coturnix seem to pull a lot of feathers while bobs go for blood. Some folks trim bobs beaks back which may help aggression if you go that route.

    Coturnix take 18 days to hatch compared to bobs hatching in 21 days
    Coturnix lay eggs at 6 weeks where as bobs wait till they are 21 weeks or more to start laying
    Coturnix are a mature weight at 8-12 weeks while bobs are 16-25 weeks

    So coturnix will have a higher turn over while you are taking care of the bobs for two to three times as long?

    Bobs have a tastier meat and a prettier song. I don't find them as .... well as "slow" as coturnix either, if you know what I mean.
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