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    After much dilly dallying around (is she in heat, is she not in heat, do we want to breed her this early.....) we finally got my miniature Jersey/Holstein bred to one of the premier mini Jerseys. He's a paint so we're hoping for great things that can't possibly happen with the genetics we're working with but anyway. She was bred July 4th. Preg tested positive and we brought her home. Now she's been sharing the pasture with an abandoned horse. We finally got the horse owner to pick up his horse and Starry Star seemed to take it okay-it was the goat who was distraught. Then two days later she walked around all day mooing. I paid some extra attention to her, gave her some treats and a little extra hay and kept checking her. No blood under the tail no blood down the legs or on her sides so I'm hoping she's just really stupid and it took her that long to realize her friend was gone. Wouldn't a 2 month miscarriage still be pretty messy? Please tell me I have a stupid cow and that I haven't lost that very valuable calf/calves inside her belly.
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    she probably just misses her friend and thought of it as her calf maybe u should prego test her again and watch to see if she goes in heat again
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    Well, the problem is that it costs 120 to preg test and I'm just about at the point where I can feed her or I can preg test her.......So I was just sort of hoping someone could tell me if she should have been really messy if she'd lost the baby like she will be if she goes to term.
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    No, it's very small & easy to miss a miscarriage at this stage. All you would see, if anything, is a string coming out the back end, with a less than fist sized sack attached. You'll have to just see if she comes back into season. Count the days & see if she goes all nutty again 21ish days from the last time.

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