Coyote during the day


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Oct 31, 2009
Somerville, AL
So, I was sitting at the table at about 4pm and from the corner of my eye I see 2 of my chickens running by. Then right behind them, I see a dog of some sort.

I yell a curse word, grab the gun off of the counter and start running outside in my socks. I hear my husband coming behind me. I get back to the chicken/bird yard and see that it is a coyote standing outside of their fence. It saw me and started running back out front. My husband and I both run to the front and my husband takes the gun. Unfortunately, it was too far off by the time we got there and in the general direction of one of our neighbors houses. So, we didn't want to shoot in that direction. I did a quick head count of my adults and we saw no evidence of a kill. Luckily.

I am disappointed in myself as if I was quicker, I think I could have gotten a shot off the first time. I am not that familiar with guns and have only fired one a handful of times. But, last week 2 of our neighbors dogs got into the pasture and killed at least 3 of my chickens (one has never been seen again) the neighbor was notified and is supossed to chain them now. So, now I typically take the handgun out with me whenever I am doing something for a little while outside.

The coyote was alone. Looked to be in good health. I know that it will be back. The chickens, ducks and geese have a "yard" that is fenced with 6' welded wire that backs up to the pasture which has 4' fencing. Unfortunately, the chickens have decided that this side is better and a handful of them squeeze through the 4"x4" pasture fence to graze and bug hunt around the house.

Okay, I needed to vent.
I keep a .22 magnum above the front door. I've killed several critters with it, and having it close to hand is a big asset. If you practice with a handgun, it is not just a close-range weapon. I have killed a rabbit at near 100 yards before with a .357 magnum, and once killed a squirrel at 50 yards with a .22 revolver.
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It's not that unusual to see foxes, coyotes, or even other things around here in the middle of the day. They're not sick or anything like that, just out during the middle of the day.

I commend you and your husband for having the sense to not fire in the general direction of someone's house. That's one if my limitations, not so much houses but neighbors pasture horses and cattle all around me. Sometimes it is a challenge lining up a shot and still being sure the line of fire is safe. That's one big reason I use a shotgun, limited range.

Definitely practice with any weapon you choose. It not only improves your aim, but it gives you the confidence to use it so you don't panic but use it properly.
Thanks Ridgerunner. I am not that familiar with coyotes (we'ver only lived here 5 months) but I thought that they normally travelled in packs or at least pairs. I know that they normally are out at night, I was just surprised.

I was also very surprised that it didn't catch any of the girls. They were not that far ahead and while chickens can run a bit, they are by no means as fast as a coyote. Up here we have more cows/horses as neighbors than actual people too. The house is surrounded on 3 sides by 20-50' of woods so it would be unlikely that a bullet would get through but not completely impossible.

I do wish that I had realized it was a coyote when I first went out but it was in shadow when I saw it and just knew it was a dog when I was inside. If I had know, I may not have hesitated when I first saw it and may have gotten a shot off.

My husband inherited some guns from a relatives recent passing but we haven't gotten them yet. This will give us a few rifles too. I do think that I would like a shotgun for similar reasons stated.

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