Coyote vs. Rabbit

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Not really a predator problem but it didn't really fit under random ramblings or anywhere else.

    Anyway, this morning my dad and brother found tracks, fur and blood and I just went and looked at it. It looks like it was a pretty wild chase, the tracks go all over the yard.

    In case you were wondering, the rabbit lost... :(

    As sad and kind of depressing as it is, I know that it's just nature taking it's course.

    And actually, this is somewhat the opposite of a predator problem because it means that there are plenty of rabbits and the predators are getting plenty to eat.

    Although that said, I sure hope the rabbit was worth all that running around!! That's a lot of energy expended for a small rabbit.

    Anyway, I followed the tracks and recorded it. Sorry for my somewhat bad narration but maybe you guys can answer a few questions I have in the video.

    99% of the video is just the tracks in the snow but I do find it at the end (though there's like nothing left) SO IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH OR UPSET BY SEEING IT DON'T WATCH THE LAST MINUTE, MINUTE AND A HALF, OR SO OF THE VIDEO.

    There's like nothing left of it but just to be safe. I tried to take the camera off of it but I forgot to for a second.

    Anyway, watch and imagine this wild scene unfold (and answer some questions I have) if you want to.

    If not, understandable.


    Also if not, here's some pictures of the tracks. I had pictures of the everything but I've decided to leave those out since some people don't want to see that. If you wanna see the whole chase and the unfortunate end result, watch the video.






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