Coyotes wanting my chickens

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by BuffOrpington22, Oct 2, 2011.

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    Dec 11, 2010
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    [​IMG] I'm still having the coyote issue lost a bird last week. Chickens and the ducks are now being cooped up all day long I just try to keep them occupied with lettuce and bread. I hate for them to be cooped up. So I'm going to put up a huge run for them to graze during the day and not have to worry about the coyotes. Coyotes are the only problems I'm having "please let it only be that". I wanted to know has anyone used an Electric poultry fence and will it keep the coyotes away from them when they want to come up and snatch one. Please let me know right now anything will help. I have purchased a gun which I never killed a coyote before but right now seems like it has to be done. I have to coyotes coming to my house. Most likely a pair. Please give me your ideas and opinions right now I can really use it. Thanks to all you poultry lovers
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    A large dog a bear trap or a gun can all help. Electric fencing helps it's just a little pricey and what are you gonna do during power outages?
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    I would shoot them since they're very dangerous and can kill chickens and especially dogs and other pets but just be careful when dealing with coyotes
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    Make sure your new run is secure. I'd suggest an apron since coyotes can dig under the fence. To do that, attach some chicken wire or hardware cloth inside the lower 2-3 feet fo the fence, thread it under the fence and outward a foot or two. Stake it down, then cover it with gravel. Anyone who thinks it can dig through gravel will hit the wire/cloth.
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    electric fence will not stop them. Heck, it wouldn't stop me if I were hungry and could see dinner, waiting for me.
    coyote season is 24/7, see if you can find someone that wants to take them for you, there is a bounty on coyote so I wouldn't offer much in payment either, just a token really...or if you gotta lot of coin, more.
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    I only have 2 chickens and 2 ducks or I guess I should now say one rooster and two ducks. A coyote (I assume it was a coyote) just got my hen. In broad daylight. I saw one last week by the coop at dawn but never thought one would come out mid day and take a chicken. I let them out at about 10:00 am this morning. Around 11:00 am I heard my young rooster (who hasn't crowed yet) come squawking around the corner of the house with the ducks hot on his hen. So I went outside to find out what the fuss was about...and she's nowhere to be seen. There are tracks in our riding ring showing a coyote has been here since yesterday evening when the track was harrowed, one set coming in, one set going. Other than that not a sign...and she was just at laying age...figures. The dogs who were in the yard at the time and not 10 feet away from where the chickens run didn't make a fuss while they sure did last week when they saw the coyote by the coop, so who knows. I'm hoping she'll show up but she's never alone and the way the other 3 were acting I'm afraid a predator is amongst us!

    I just moved the chicken tractor in front of the house more out in the open and a little further from the tree line. I think I"ll set up my electronet I have for my sheep around the coop. I know the chickens can go through it but hopefully it'll be a bit of a barrier. I hate to keep them cooped up all of the time but on the other hand the coyote seems to be becoming a regular. I don't want to host the local buffet. To make matters worse I think we also have a raccoon living close by that is trying to dig around the coop.

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