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    Jun 27, 2008
    Chico, CA
    Any suggestions for protecting free-range chickens from coyotes? Our chickens generally go to the tree-tops at night which seemed to keep them safe from the coyotes. Recently, however, we lost a rooster and a few hens. They have a coop but prefer to use it during the day for laying. I'm not gonna go shooting or trapping the coyotes, I would prefer a deterrant. Would it help to have our dogs mark around the edges of our property? I think for a while it deterred the coyotes just because we have dogs but they might have figured out that the dogs can't leave their pen. We can't let the dogs roam free on the property: one, because it isn't fenced and two, because they like to play with the chickens and cats if they get to them (which ends up killing them).

    Has anyone heard of using mountain lion urine to mark property? There are places online that sell it but I don't know if that would work, or if it's even a good idea.

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    A raccoon can pick off chickens out of trees. Owls have also been known to kill chickens. Then there are bobcats, etc. Even foxes can climb. To be honest, even though they don't want to sleep in their coop, a secure coop is the only safe place for them at night. You can train them to go in it at night by confining them to that area and putting them in their coop at dusk. Within a week or two they will start to go in there voluntarily.

    I wish I had an easier answer for you, but the truth is that there are many animals that would love to eat a chicken at night.
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    Quote:I have to agree. But a coyote will attack during the day as well if they are hungry enough. I've heard from friends that tried the urine thing that it seemed to help at first but a hungry coyote will figure it out quickly by watching from a distance. It also has to be reapplied often. Tall fences are more effective for keeping out coyotes but that, of course, is expensive. Good luck!
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    Mar 1, 2009
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    I used to have a (guy) friend come over every once in a while and 'mark' my pasture for me. It's kind of gross sounding, but it cut way down on the losses. I now have my alpha male dog mark for me. He can't run loose unsupervised either since there hasn't been a fence invented yet that can hold him once he sees a stray dog. But 3-4 times a week, I let him run in the main yard and now he knows to mark where I point. Wow, the things you can train a dog to
    Seems to be helping against stray dogs. You want to borrow my dog, I swear, he can convert 1 gallon of water to 3 gallons of urine! lol
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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Quote:Definitely, just send him in the mail LOL. If you can train a dog to mark where you need him to, can you train a dog NOT to kill kittens by "over-playing" with them? Now that would really help me!
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    Aug 5, 2008
    We have lots of coyotes too. If you're only losing your birds to coyotes at night, I'd try to train your chickens to roost in the coop at night and close them up secure in it at night. When I free ranged mine, they'd always dutifully go back to the coop on their own at dusk.
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    If you dont want them to get taken at night, best thing to do is lock them up. It just all depends on where you are located and what predators you have in your area. I dont care where you live theres something living nearby that likes to eat chicken, you just gotta get familiar with what's taking them, I'd be doing a lot of observing around dusk, as thats probably when its happening, good luck. And you should shoot the coyotes, why not?
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    Mar 15, 2009
    south dartmouth ma
    We have a lot of coyotes, They are out during the day, I suspect that if they don't find a meal at night
    they just stay awake until they find food. I have had them walk through the yard while I am outside and not even run.
  9. ChicoChickens

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Chico, CA
    I got some interesting advice from my sister. She used to have a problem with coyotes and after complaining to the USDA, they sent trappers out to trap and remove the coyotes. Go figure!

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