The Bantam Barn
14 Years
Mar 18, 2008
My Coop
My Coop
I just had a coyote(s) do their call about 20 feet from my back door. I grab the gun and light but forgot to turn off the automatic light at the door, when it came on it took and I could hear hit running through the woods behind my house. I first heard it over the TV, muted it and I thought there was a dog fight at my back door. Erie sounds those things make! Anyone think it will return tonight ? All the dogs around the neighborhood are barking and been barking for the last hour or so..I think the coyote call got them all stirred up.
I am just wondering if I should stand guard tonight. I will set traps tomorrow now that I know they are here.
when I hear them close I go out and shoot my pistol a few times down torward the dam of my pond and I usually don't hear them anymore for at least a couple of days

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