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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    Are there brindle coyotes?
    We've had an injured normal color one hang around and haven't seen it in a couple of months. But lately, we have something hanging out in the front yard. He's there just about every morning when I head out to work, in the afternoons, whenever. It will move away, but it doesn't go far and doesn't seem super afraid of us. Though I'm not about to try to get it to come to me. No collar, intact male.
    He looks like a coyote, but he's brindle.
    We left a note with our vet neighbor that has loose dogs and no collars on some to see if it was their dog, if not, we want to be rid of it.

    DH borrowed a gun to be rid of it, but if it is a dog, I can call AC to have them get it - maybe.
    I've never seen a brindle coyote. I'd guess there could be one, but wanted to check before DH 'gets rid of it'
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    Jul 26, 2011
    My first response on the forum. Yes there are Brindle yotes. Yotes can come in many many coats most of the non standard ones can be rare. I have seen everything form albino to jet black and almost everything in between. I have been yote hunting for many years and it is a huge passion of mine. I also have my number out to many of the locals folks if they have a problem they call me to fix it. Here in Maine we have a vast overabundance of yotes to the point of making a huge dent in our deer.

    If you going to hunt them keep in mind they have very good eyes and super hearing. Remain very still and make sure to camo out including face. Also if there are packs in the area once one find a meal the other will be paying a visit to see whats good there. Very rarely is there just one yote in a given place.
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    May 14, 2010
    North Edwards, CA
    Back in the 1990's I was given a hybrid dog that was part coyote part some breed of dog and it was brindle with a very rough coat. We only kept it a short time because of the coyote in it it didn't want to be contained to our property. It wanted to be free to roam. I live in the Mojave Desert with desert all around us. So it could be a coyote hybrid. We have some that are brindle here and some that kind of looks like a lighter colored german shepard. We have been fortunate because there used to a coyote den right across from our house and now we haven't had a coyote around here ever since May of this year. We have a yard full of baby bunnies and lots of rabbits everywhere you look and we have been wondering where have the coyotes went to because the rabbits are a big draw to them usually and not all that many crows here. I am not complaining about them but this year has been horrible with hundreds of flies in the chicken areas and also we have been invaded with bees.

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