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6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
Today my chickens were making a fuss and when I looked there was a coyote. Fortunately I got outside quickly and chased him away. The Brahma was missing but she turned up later. The leghorn was the one that was almost eaten. She lost a lot of tail feathers and some fluffy ones from her bottom. She seems okay. I guess I should assume either that coyote or another will be back for another try. I heard there is a den up the hill from me. I have to keep the birds inside tomorrow. Any suggestions about what to do about coyotes?
Not the city, (nyc) Ulster County. I want the hunters to shoot the coyotes!!
You don't need a license for a shogun or rifle. Even so, I've applied for one back in February or March. It's quick and easy to get a gun license.. ya think?
New York State, ulster county, accord Where do you live besides the fields?

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