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    Sep 19, 2012
    This game is called "Crack the Code!" One person creates a code using letters, numbers, and punctuation. An Example would be: !$%@) The answer is 14520. This is because the symbols correspond to the number on the same key on a computer. The first person to get the answer right and say what the code is, Wins. The correct response for the example would be

    Answer: 14520

    Code: The symbols correspond to the numbers on the keys.

    When the creator of the code says that is correct, the person who got it right will create the next code and so on.

    Please don't make the code impossible and/or the passage too long.

    A hint should be given by the creator of the code every 10 incorrect guesses.

    I will start!

    P '[nt MIB#

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