cracked / broken beak (minor injury) healing process (with Pics)


Jun 4, 2022
eSwatini (Swaziland), Africa
A few days ago, the tip of our cockerel’s upper beak broke off and fortunately he is getting better.
I am starting this post because I don’t think I found a post documenting the healing process of a broken beak. Hope it helps.

Actually we haven't done any special treatment but providing soft food to him, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Before the tip broke off, we could see there was a “hairline fracture” but we didn’t think it was a big deal.

day 1
But the tip eventually broke off and it started to bleed. We asked the vet and got the recommended antibiotic, but since the bleeding stopped soon and he seemed to be ok, we decided to wait and see before giving him the antibiotics. Just cleaned his beak with tap water.


Day 2
The next day, he could not peck at all. He would hide his beak under his feathers often. But, he could eat scrambled eggs, tuna and other soft food. He had no problem drinking water as well. Since other chickens didn't bother him, we didn't separate him. no antibiotics.


Day 3
The beak is re-growing quite rapidly. It seemed to grow from the root not the tip since the revealed lower beak part was getting smaller but the shape of the tip of the upper beak remained the same. He began to 'try to' forage and preen his feathers again (but couldn't use his beak normally.)


The healing process is still ongoing, so I hope it ends well.
We’ll keep you posted.

Day 4
The upper beak grew to where it is now fully covering the lower beak.


Day 5
he can forage, preen his feathers normally as before and begins eating hard food.
He keeps trimming his beak so the edges are being blunted a little bit.


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